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It’s been one crazy thing after another this year. The majority of events and festivals around the world paused and we at Rad Season tumbled as a result. Changing directions, we started our own live stream and podcast show, the Rad Season Podcast.

Now we’re beyond stoked to work with our partners to help them launch their own podcast.

How to start a podcast

How did we start

Have you ever wondered what it really takes to fly 30 feet in the air on a snowmobile or run a marathon in every country in the world? 

To do things most people wouldn’t even have heard of. To become a king or queen of action sports and extreme adventures. To experience the time of your life!

Every week we speak to athletes, sports personalities and event gurus who have undertaken seemingly extraordinary feats of fun – from Andrew Cotton surfing monster waves to Selema Masekela’s thoughts on commentating the big breakthroughs like Tony Hawk’s 900 on top of the vert.

You don’t want to miss a single moment.

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Rad Season Podcast Host

Who is the Host

Action sports enthusiast and event guru Oli Russell-Cowan is the host of Rad Season’s podcast. Growing up in London skating down Thames River bank, surfing waves in 40+ countries and going to festivals and events since he was 15, Oli worked in the event and action sports industry all his life and founded Rad Season in 2016. 

“I started my own podcast in April 2020. Staying relevant when most events got canceled this year helped Rad Season’s brand to grow even stronger. Stay safe. Stay rad.”

You may remember seeing Oli running around La Tomatina throwing tomatoes, or Songkran spraying everyone with water or wine at the Haro Wine Festival. To do that he visited 25 festivals in 2019 with his wife and 2-year-old son in tow.

Andrew Cotton in Nazare

Why did we start a Podcast

Podcasts are THE thing of 2020. Everyone is at home, industries have been shaken up and USB microphones are sold out with long waiting periods. Launching a Podcast is a perfect way to connect and engage with an audience virtually.

➤ Get your name out and talk to your peers in the industry

➤ Reach a high-value audience

➤ Create more brand exposure

➤ Produce endless content with one conversation

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Affluent audience

Do you think everyone is launching a podcast but stops after 7 episodes?

We have a secret sauce (more a proven method) that helps you increase your reach episode after episode.

We offer the following services to drive engagement across all your social channels and podcast platforms:

➤ Develop concept and source guests

➤ Create podcast (incl. audio editing) and submit it to all major podcast hosts incl. Apple Podcast, Spotify and Google

➤ Amplify content across all your channels incl. videos, audio snippets, blog posts, articles and social media content

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