Discover the world’s best action sports and adventure festivals.

Founded in April of 2016 on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia, Rad Season is an innovative website for finding and going to the best action sports and adventure events in the world.

Rad Season helps you discover events, book event tickets, accommodation, travel and connect with others all on one site on your desktop computer, mobile phone or tablet.

Whether it is a snowboarding music festival in the Austrian Alps in April, a surfing contest in Hawaii in December or a camel riding race in the Australian outback in July this all sets the stage for Rad Season’s notion that ‘it’s always the season somewhere’..


Oli Russell-Cowan is the Founder & CEO of Rad Season. He has over 15 years experience in International business development, spanning multiple industries including Action Sports, Events, Media, Digital, ICT, Travel and Tourism.

‘The idea came about when I was trekking around Latin America. I found it difficult to find cool events and festivals going on that were a bit different and had an element of adventure and general radness to them.

There was no detailed information or website with an easy to use calendar or location map saying what the festival and events season was and where it was happening for action sports and epic cultural events. I knew that there was always something rad worth going to somewhere in the world at a certain point in time, I just had to find it.’

If you are an event organiser, tour operator, publisher, writer, photographer or simply want to partner with us we’d be stoked to hear from you. Please drop us an email on contact@radseason.com



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