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Las Fallas 2020

10:00am 15 Mar - 11:30pm 19 Mar, 2020
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Valencia, Spain

Las Fallas 2020: 
The adults equivalent to Disney Land

Las Fallas is a 5-day festival that takes place on the streets of the city Valencia in Spain. This festival has now become a major tradition for the Spanish people and is considered one of the craziest festivals on earth. The highlight of Las Fallas festival is the ninots, which are very large figurines that are handmade using various types of materials including wood, plaster, cardboard, Styrofoam, polyester, and a lot of papier-mache. These huge figurines can sometimes take up to 12 months to make and usually end up costing thousands. The ninots are typically created to represent current situations and are often designed to take the mick out of celebrities and public figures. Very similar to the burning of Guy Fawkes on bonfire night, the ninots are first paraded around the streets and then engulfed in flames under a massive, and very impressive, display of fireworks. During the festival, a group of judges examine and rate all of the figurines and select winners from varied categories who will receive prizes on the award night.

The festival parade sees thousands of locals dressed in traditional attire dancing through the beautiful Valencian streets to traditional Spanish music. Along with any good street festival comes masses of delicious street-food.

‘The original Valencian fire fiesta surrounded by music, dancing and fireworks’

At Las Fallas, you can expect to taste the absolute best Spanish dishes with platters of sausages, an array of grills and sea-food mixes, traditional paella, pic-n-mix tapas, and an assortment of meat stacks. Lining the streets there are countless desert wagons and portable bars offering a range of sweet treats and unlimited amounts of alcohol.

Las Fallas is Valencia’s biggest festival and sees around 2 million people attend each year. If you are looking for a festival full of fun, culture and tradition then Las Fallas is the one you want to attend.

Getting to Las Fallas 2020

The festival is one of the most important and widely celebrated events in Valencia and is typically held on Plaça de l’Ajuntament. Once you are in the city it will be pretty hard to miss the festival as it takes several days to set up and is advertised everywhere.

Naturally, the celebrations cause a lot of travel disruptions in the city, but the atmosphere is incredible. More details on the primary parade streets and any public transport disruptions will be announced closer to the time.

Las Fallas 2020 Dates and Tickets

Las Fallas festival will be held on Friday the 15th of March 2019 and will finish on Tuesday the 19th of March 2019. The festival is held on what is considered as, the last days of winter. As the festival is a street festival it is a free event although there are small festival guide companies that charge around €13 for a guided tour of the festival.

Places to stay for in Valencia Las Fallas 2020

There are many hotels, B&Bs, Airbnb’s, hostels, resorts, and self-catered apartments for rent throughout Valencia. Around the time of the festival, accommodation prices significantly increases and vacancies fill up very fast.

If you are planning on attending the Las Fallas festival, then it is advised to arrange accommodation as soon as possible. Head to the map below for options around town.

Things to do in Valencia

One of the most iconic spots in Valencia is the Ciudad De Las Artes Y Las Ciencias. This beautiful modern dome-like building is surrounded by water and consists of an opera house, science museum, an aquarium, and a 3D cinema. Another popular sight of Valencia is its majestic cathedral which protectively towers above the city.

The Bioparc Zoo in western Valencia is a great day out and features many animals native to Africa. Valencia has a wide range of bars, cafes, restaurants, and boutique shops throughout the city where you can enjoy the local delicacies and discover unique Spanish retail brands. There are many beautiful things to see in Valencia along with a range of activities to make your trip a memorable one.

Want to know what other crazy festivals are happening in Spain? Read more about La Tomatina close to Valenica in the town of Buñol, Haro Wine Fight in Rioja and Running with the Bulls in Pamplona. 

Photo credit: Keith Ellwood

Accommodation near Las Fallas 2020

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