Lewes Bonfire Night 2024

4:00pm - 11:30pm 05 Nov, 2024
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Lewes, England

Remember remember the 5th of November… at the Lewes Bonfire Night 2024

This infamous and legendary celebration is the UK’s largest bonfire night. It commemorates and honors the failed attempt at the assassination of King James 1. It became known as the Gunpowder Plot of 1605 and the subsequent arrest of Guy Fawkes who was found guarding explosives under the House of Lords – think V for Vendetta. Lewes Bonfire celebration is also in memory of 17 protestant martyrs that were burned at the stake.

Locals and visitors participate in parades and parties, enjoy firework displays and obviously bonfires. There are several venues and locations that suit everyone’s preferred celebration style. This event is organized by seven bonfire societies and each throw their own meeting places, costumes, colors and parades.

The seven societies in Lewes

Cliffe: This society is recognized by their black and white sweaters as well as Viking and French Revolution costumes.

Commercial Square: This section is marked by Native American or American Civil War soldier costumes and smugglers wear gold and black striped sweaters.

Lewes Borough: This society is recognized by costumes that are Zulu and Tudor themed and smugglers wear blue and white striped sweaters.

Nevill Juvenile: This society is specifically for children where they dress like Valencians, Medieval citizens, and British military members from the early 20th century or wear green and white sweaters.

Southover: This section dresses as monks and/or pirates and they wear sweaters that are red and black. They have a Samba band and also carry burning crosses along with torches in their parade

South Street: This society dresses as 18th century British colonials and English Civil War soldiers or wear striped sweaters that are cream and brown.

Waterloo: This section wears costumes of the Ancient Greeks and Romans or Mongol invaders they also wear sweaters that are red and white striped.

“I genuinely cannot express how amazing Lewes bonfire night is. The whole town is in celebration with numerous different firework displays, barrel rolling and parades. The atmosphere is amazing… honestly worth travelling for”

Where to view Lewes Bonfire Night 2024

The entire event is held in Lewes, Sussex, England. However, each of the seven bonfire societies are held in their particular area and have their own parades, pubs, bonfires and fireworks displays. The seven societies are Cliffe, Commercial Square, Lewes Borough, Neville, Southover, Waterloo and South Street.

You do have to buy a ticket for your preferred bonfire venue site. Each have a different vibe and some are more family friendly and other are for the more hardcore party goers. You can get your tickets at any independent retailer/pub or the Lewes tourist information center or the Cliffe Precinct area in the two or three Saturdays leading up to the Fifth or online at the Bonfire Society Website.

How to get to Lewes

Roads leading into and out of Lewes are shut down before and after the event. Both locals and visitors advise against driving your own car and instead take public transportation.

If you insist on driving make sure you arrive well before the event starts and expect to be stuck for a long time after.

Where to stay for Lewes Bonfire Night

There are heaps of hotels, lodges, bed and breakfasts, guest houses and apartments near to Lewes in Brighton and the surrounding area. For the best deals in Lewes head to the map below. 

Things to do in Lewes

You will most likely want to do things before the night of celebration so that you are in good working condition. You can go paragliding, rock climbing, hiking as well as tree climbing tours and different parks to visit.

Among the most popular parks are the Lewes Priory Park and the Malling Down Nature Reserve and if the weather is not cooperating, there are several museums to spend the days in and of course pubs and cafes.

Lewes Bonfire Night 2024 Dates

Lewes Bonfire Celebration will take place on Tuesday, November 5, 2024.

Get your tickets and costumes ready, you don’t want to miss out on this year’s Lewes Bonfire Celebrations.

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Accommodation near Lewes Bonfire Night 2024

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3 thoughts on “Lewes Bonfire Night 2024

  1. Renata Soares Barris says:

    How can I buy the tickets for the Lewes Bonfire Celebrations 2021?

  2. Dave Gander says:

    You do not need tickets for all bonfire sites/firework displays. Some Societies own the land on which these take place and charge others do not. All displays are viewable from “free of charge locations” around the town. As A local I have knowledge of the best places to watch the evening from, where to be, when to be there and when to move elsewhere.
    Due to the popularity of the celebrations and in order to control the size of the crowds rail services cease to serve the town from late afternoon until the start of service the following morning. Roads are shut in a radial manner as the celebrations near. The town centre is cleared of cars parked on streets from early afternoon and road closures move outwards as time progresses. After dark (around 17:00) you cant get into the town centre and shortly after all parking on approach roads for miles around will be fully utilised so unless you arrive early and stay very late or are happy to add 3 or 4 miles to an evening of walking and standing don’t bother.
    First time visitors, get to the edge of the pavement near the White Hart or the top of School Hill by 17:45. Stay put until the massive procession passes normally soon after 21:15. Go to your chosen fire sight, as I said best views and least neck ache if you stay a way back. – Ask a local for advice or directions.
    Watch and enjoy but do not be tempted to wander between processions.
    Buy one society’s programme to get an idea of what’s happening and talk to the locals there’ll be 30,000+ to ask and most of us are friendly and helpful.

    1. Sam says:

      Hi Dave, which paid society would you recommend for couples in 30s (not party goers but don’t mind some nice music)? I am trying to do my own research but would be great to hear local’s views. Thank you!

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