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The Ultimate Bali Adventures Guide. Standing on the beach in front of the surf Bali isn’t just for those who want some sun, sand and tan. In fact, if you’re looking for a full package of getting wet and wild above and under the ocean followed by delving into much needed personal wellness to relax your mind, body and soul, we’ve narrowed down the… Read More
WarriorDash wall climb What is Warrior Dash? The Warrior Dash is an epic race in which you will have to tackle anywhere from 10-13 obstacles over a typical Warrior Dash course distance of 5-6K. You’ll be crawling through mud, hurling yourself over walls, swinging by your arms, grunting and growling as you use… Read More
La Tomatina Festival, the best food party in the world World’s biggest food fight draws tens of thousands to Buñol, Spain Imagine waking up and preparing for one of the world’s largest food fights on a warm August morning in Spain. Yes, it is a real thing and an event that draws thirty to forty thousand people annually to test their… Read More
Mountain view, Cul Beag. Sutherland, Scottish Highlands The Scottish Highlands offer some of the most spectacular views and experiences within the U.K.  It's the perfect destination for those in search of adventure and wilderness. Amongst the more famous sights including Loch Ness, the Fairy Glenn and Ben Nevis there are some hidden gems to discover.  These destinations… Read More
Crazy Foods to Try in South East Asia What do Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia have in common? Besides, of course, a geographic border, these three countries are some of the best places for an adventurous eater to visit. Here, exotic food is taken to the next level, where you can dine on an array of bugs, unique fruits… Read More
TEAM #BECANDDAN Henderson & Dan McConnell If you have been following Team #BECANDDAN (Bec Henderson & Dan McConnell) over the last couple of months, you will know things haven’t been all smooth sailing. It’s a tough gig being a professional athlete when most of your events are on the other side of the world, even tougher… Read More
Sandboarding Huacachina, Peru Action sport athletes get creative when they aren’t surrounded by their natural conditions. Surfers take to the streets to carve up pavement much like the water barrels off the coastline. Bikers will attempt to race on rocky, sandy or just about any outdoor surface you can think of. As for… Read More
Tracey Croke at Smithfield MTB Park mountain biking far north queensland What gets mountain bikers really pumped? Is it purely the thrill of the trails? How does riding through a unique natural environment sound? Maybe you have a bucket-list of world-class events? And how about bolting on some bangin’ adventures when the quads are taking a break? If you’ve got whiplash… Read More
Canyon in Colombia When anyone mentions Colombia, two things come to mind; cocaine and coffee. Well, my friends, I am here to tell you that this diverse and notoriously-known-for-narcotics country is leaving its dark past behind and re-emerging as an adventure junkies paradise. Hidden along the golden Caribbean coastline, in among soaring Andean… Read More
Langkawi, Malaysia When you think of Malaysia, travellers typically know three things: the inside of the airport, the bustling city life and the array of delicious food. However, what’s been kept relatively under the radar is Malaysia’s beautiful islands that are far more tranquil and cheaper than it’s neighboring country of Thailand.… Read More


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