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Haro Wine Festival 2019

8:00am 29 Jun - 2:00pm 30 Jun, 2019

Event Ended

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Haro, La Rioja, Spain

Haro Wine Festival: The Ultimate Wine Fight

Climb up a mountain in Rioja for Haro Wine Festival otherwise known as Batalla Del Vino De Haro. Taking place each year in Haro, Rioja, Spain join thousands of thirsty folk as they take part in the ultimate Wine Fight. The festival is considered one of the craziest food fights in the world and needs to be on your bucket list if you’re a lover of wine, good times and Spanish culture. It is a ferocious battle above the Spanish vineyards using water guns, hoses, buckets, cups and pretty much anything you can get your hands on that can carry or throw the wine. Wine lovers and connoisseurs, don’t panic! This is the wine that wasn’t good enough to be bottled, and would’ve gone to the vinegar factory anyway.

The long wine-soaked history started with an old feud between neighbours that broke out into an angry wine fight that would become a part of Spanish history and tradition for the next 400 years. The Rioja region is famous for it’s wine and what better way to celebrate every June than the San Vino Wine Fight otherwise known as the Batalla de Wine.

What to experience at Haro Wine Festival 2019

So, you want to throw delicious wine at strangers and maybe drink a bucket or two as well. Here are some things you can experience at the ferocious battle of wines.

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Why you will love Haro Wine Festival 2019

The Atmosphere

The free-for-all wine fights allows you to splash booze over friends and strangers alike and get away with it. Who doesn’t want to experience that?? There’s buckets on buckets, people spraying wine over you with hoses and even water guns. And then there are some people just gulping the wine down by the bucketload. And why not? The atmosphere on this  summer morning, followed by the street fiesta, is unreal. Everybody is laughing, yelling, and having fun. It’s just good vibes and good times and a bit of friendly rivalry.

The Locals

This is an authentic festival where locals from all ages get involved, from young to elderly! You might be able to have a few interesting, drunken conversation with some locals (when they stop spraying you with vino.)

Also, during the Haro Wine Festival a big stage is set up in the main town square, where a wild street party takes place. The crowd is almost entirely Spanish and it’s great fun to mix in. The band play well-known Spanish songs, with drunken dancing and singing to complete. Safe to say, you’ll be getting a full Spanish cultural immersion.

The Street Party

The once quaint town of Haro changes completely as the sun goes down. Buzzing with the excitement of what the next day will bring, get ready for a night of happy people, cheap drinks, awesome DJ’s and bands and get ready to party until the sun comes up. The Spanish don’t sleep, and neither should you!

How to get to Haro, Rioja

The Wine Fight takes place in the small town of Haro in the Rioja region of Spain. You can take a bus from Barcelona to Haro or the quickest way is to get to San Sebastian and take a shuttle bus from there. 

What to do near Haro

Explore La Rioja and its small and quaint towns in Northern Spain. The vineyards stretch out towards the mountains and in summer, the clear sky is makes it postcard perfect. The area is one of the best known wine regions with its large-scale production of red wine. It also has a rich culture and long history. A visit to the wineries is a must with the Marques de Riscal Winery being the number one. There are winery tours offered but hiring a bike or taking a balloon ride offers a unique opportunity to also enjoy the fresh air and beautiful countryside. For more thrill seekers check out the canyoning close by.

Want to do more sightseeing? Must sees in Haro are the Church of Haro, Plaza De La Cruz, Parroquia de Santo Tomás Apostol and many more.

Where to eat near Haro

Pintxo are the Basque version of tapas. Wander from bar to bar to sample these little sharing plates. Look for the house speciality and combine it with a glass of wine, recommended by the staff. The pintxos vary greatly, the ingredients never end and neither does the imagination of the bodega’s chefs.

The La Rioja cuisine is known to be hearty. Try the local alubias a la Riojana, beans with chorizo and local vegetables, or alternatively a plate of grilled whichever vegetables and meat have managed to grow between the vineyards. 

Where to stay for Haro Wine Festival 2019

There are a few Airbnb’s in Haro and the surrounding villages and many options within 30 minutes drive away. To can find everything from hotels to apartments, guest houses and Airbnb’s. Head to the map below for the best accommodation deals during the festival.

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Accommodation near Haro Wine Festival 2019

Rad Season is providing you with hotels and Airbnbs at the lowest prices available online. Book your stay for Haro Wine Festival 2019 using the map below!

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  1. Mark says:

    AWESOME Festival, we have been going for the past five years and it’s still incredible fun. Unspoilt by mass tourism this still has a real Spanish Fiesta feel about it.
    Have a look at http://www.harowinefight.com for more details and information.

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