World Bog Snorkelling Championships 2024

9:30am - 5:00pm 25 Aug, 2024
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Llanwrtyd Wells, Wales, United Kingdom

The weird and wonderful world of Bog Snorkelling

Sunday, August 25, 2024 sees the next World Bog Snorkelling Championships, held annually in Llanwrtyd Wells, in the United Kingdom an event that Lonely Planet described as one of the top 50 “must do” things from around the world in 2014 and one of the UK’s strangest traditions. Hundreds of participants from around the world and plenty of spectators are expected once again.

The current World Champion is Neil Rutter who achieved a time of 1 minute 18.82 seconds in the 2018 championships and becomes the new world record holder. The Junior World Champion (14 – 17yrs) in 2017 is Max Dow in a time of 1 minute 58 seconds, and the Ladies Champion is Jess Fidler with a time of 1 minute 41.87 seconds. Topping the Over 50s category was Ian Maclachlan in a time of 1 minute 49 seconds and Linda Foster in the womens with a time of 1 minute 53 seconds.

Participants came from all over the world to take part in this crazy event from countries including Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Eire, Italy, the Netherlands, South Africa, Sweden and USA.

World Bog Snorkelling Champions

Neil Rutter is the fastest man in the bog. He is the three-time Bog Snorkeling World Champion and Guinness World Record holder for the fastest time.

Oli Russell-Cowan chatted with Neil about his experience snorkeling through murky water. In their conversation Neil dives deep on how he trains to win this competition. Can he lower the world record in 2024?

“It’s the most popular sport, surely.”

Watch the video:

The Bog Triathlon

The Bog Triathlon takes place on Saturday, the day before the Bog Snorkelling Championships.  It consists of an 8-mile run, followed by a 12-mile Mountain Bike ride, followed by a 60yd (one length) bog snorkel. 

There is also a ‘bite-size’ Triathlon for the less adventurous.  This consists of a 3-mile run, followed by a 6-mile Mountain Bike ride, followed by a 60yd bog snorkel.

Bog Snorkelling Location

The event takes place at Waen Rhydd bog on the outskirts of the town, getting underway at approx. 10am. The site is signposted from the town for those who don’t mind about a mile walk, and there is also a shuttle bus running from the town square to the bog and back, beginning as soon as we can manage after 9am.

There are food and drink stalls, crafts, a bouncy castle, live music and a real ale and cider bar on the site, so it’s a great day out even if you don’t fancy taking the plunge.

Where to stay in Wales

There are a number of guest houses, hotels and vacation rentals in Llanwrtyd Wells. The Lake Country House Hotel & Spa is the perfect place to pamper yourself after snorkeling in the bog. Head to the map below for the best accommodation offers in town.

How to enter the championships

Online entries close 7 days before the event, but don’t panic, it’s possible to turn up and enter on the day. For more information about the event and how to enter go to Green Events.

Some of the rules for Bog Snorkelling

You get one of two bogs assigned at registration, this is not negotiable.

You must snorkel 2 lengths of the bog (110 meters in total) and touch the turn post above the water level.

You are only allowed to swim soggy paddle with arms, no breaststroke or front crawl. You must swim with your face in the water but can look occasionally to adjust direction.

You may use fins but no mono-fins.

You can’t use webbed gloves or full face snorkel masks.

Don’t be slower than 2 minutes for the first length of the bog. Otherwise you cannot continue the second length.

Fancy Dress is optional but encouraged.

Bog Snorkelling Categories

Male Champion, Male 2
Female Champion, Female 2nd, Female 3rd
Male over 50s 1st
Female over 50s 1st
Junior Male 1st
Junior Female 1st
Local Male 1st
Local Female 1st
Local Junior 1st
Fancy Dress (costume) 1st, 2nd, 3rd

Looking for other strange events in the UK to participate? What about Cheese Rolling or Ottery Tar Barrels?

Photo Credit: Oli Russell-Cowan

Do you want to know more about Weird Sports?

Julia Galvin, the Queen of Weird Sports has competed in strange sports competitions for over 20 years including bog snorkelling in Wales many times. With alternative games, there’s a sport for all. She went from cripple to champion in the space of a couple of years. Rad Season Founder Oli Russell-Cowan chats to her about some of her best stories from the events, recovery after injuries and her favorite weird sport.

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  1. Lily Thompson says:


    I hope you’re well. I work for BBC Radio 2’s Claudia (Winkleman) on Sunday and each week Claudia has a phone call with a member of the public who’s done something unusual on the weekend. When researching for this feature I came across Bog Snorkelling and think it would be perfect! Please could you reach out to your attendees and participants and see if anyone who is entering the competition would mind telling Claudia about it for the show? If interested the call would take place at 1:45 pm on Tuesday 28th August and would last about 5 minutes. It’s pre-recorded and would air the following Sunday evening so no need for anyone to worry about making any mistakes.

    I look forward to hearing from you,

    0207 307 1600

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