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4:00pm - 11:30pm 05 Nov, 2024
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Ottery Saint Mary, Devon, England

Ottery Tar Barrels 2024: A phenomenal destination to light up your eyes just like the barrels’ do

Ottery St. Mary in Devon, England is renowned globally for the Tar Barrels event since the 17th century. As a result, Flaming Tar Barrels are carried through the streets of Ottery St Mary annually to the delight of the residents and visitors. Some weeks prior to the event which is held on November 5th, the barrels are soaked with tar, they are then lit outside each of the pubs and as soon as they are in flames, they are hoisted up onto the backs and shoulders of the local people.

A total of seventeen barrels are lit over the course of the evening at the watch of thousands of people in the street. Women and boys are not left out of the event and in the afternoon and early evening, they have their barrels, but as the evening progresses, the barrels get larger weighing up to 30kgs by midnight.

‘An unimaginable conviviality exists between the ‘Barrel rollers’ despite the scuffle for mastery of the barrel.’

It is mostly the generation of the same family that carries the barrels and have had the feeling of fulfillment as they do so. The November 5th is a spectacular night to many, but the opinion of its origin still differs, but the most popular one is that it began as a pagan ritual that cleanses the streets of the evil spirits.

One of the biggest bonfires in the south-west is ignited on that night on the banks of River Otter and behind it there are flashing neons of the annual fun affair.

Where to view Flaming Tar Barrels 2024

The bizarre event takes place in the streets of Ottery St Mary where the barrels are lit outside each of the pubs. Residents and visitors then gather in the streets and at the pathways around the pubs as they watch the blazing barrels.

The size of the kindled bonfire on the banks of the River Otter is incredible and it is regarded to be the largest in the South West

How to get around Ottery St Mary

You can use various methods in order to get to this region. This year, arrangements have been made for people to commute to this place using taxis. As indicated on the site itself, there will be two dropping and collecting points which include one point being located at Salston cross and the other point is located at the bottom of Butt’s hill. You don’t have to worry since you’ll find indication signs of those spots. Also, you can get to St Mary Tar barrel using stagecoach buses.

Stagecoach buses have been given license to stop, collect and drop off at Salston cross and not forgetting those on foot, there will be lighting through strawberry lane. Times for this service will be updated on the website as soon as enough information is gathered.

Just in case you opt to drive yourself to this destination, just bear in mind that there are five car parks that are compulsory on the night and they can easily flood out with cars, so make sure you allow yourself plenty of time to navigate yourself to this event.

Where to stay in Ottery St Mary

Mazzard Farm holiday cottages is the ideal place to stay as the events continues to heat up. It offers a self-catering accommodation on the East hill which is just a mile southwest of the Ottery St Mary. With six cottages, positioned around a pretty courtyard, the cottages sleep between 2 and 6 each. Interesting enough is the facilities in each cottage which include; Hi-Fi set, free Wi-Fi, DVD player, a flat-screen TV, and high quality and very comfortable furniture.

Some cottages have a dishwasher, but it’s up to you to choose which one you want depending on your level of luxury. For people wishing to enjoy the Ottery St Mary Tar barrel, this is the best base to set up shop since it is a beautiful spot to relax and unwind.

Things to do in Ottery St Mary

Usually on 27th August, this region normally hosts an annual family fun day at the land of Canaan, Ottery St Mary. You’ll find loads of events for you and your family.

Some of those events include live music, duck race, barbecue and most notably the famous and highly anticipated rodeo sheep. Alongside with family fun day which usually takes place on 27th August, you can also attend Chanters carnival classic car show which boasts a wide range classic motor vehicles.

Ottery Tar Barrels 2024 Dates

Tar Barrels takes place on the same day every year, Guy Fawkes Night Tuesday, November 5th, 2024.

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Accommodation near Ottery Tar Barrels 2024

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