Brutal Assault 2023

12:00pm 09 Aug - 12:00am 12 Aug, 2023

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Jaromer, Czech Republic

Brutal Assault 2023: Central Europe’s Largest Metal Festival

Built around a piece of Czech history, Brutal Assault has become one of the best metal festivals in Europe. The annual open-air festival returns to the Czech city of Jaromer for a massive edition this summer. Held at the famous Josefov Fortress, the festival packs in everything you could imagine. From the best metal bands to art exhibitions, worldwide cuisines and more, Brutal Assault has it all.

A selection of the best names in the scene will come together to perform in this unique festival space. Although the festival is known for music and art, Brutal Assault has rapidly grown in the food festival scene. A large range of international cuisines are available throughout the event including Vegan options. A selection of Czech beers are also available starting at only 1.5 euros per pint! 

‘Legendary annual metal open air with 24 years of history!’

Photo Credit: Brutal Assault (BA) 

Your experience at Brutal Assault

The legendary open-air festival features 130 of the best metal bands from around the world. After more than 35 years of pioneering the thrash metal scene, Canadian group Voivod continue pushing their limits. The cosmic-metal warriors are predicted to be completely unpredictable. Brazilian group Violator has grown to become one of the most intense bands in South America.

Inspired by the anger and spontaneity of the scene, the band will certainly thrash the Brutal Assault stage. Joining Dr. Living Dead and Slapshot!ensiferum, the folk-inspired greats will also return to the Brutal Assault stage this summer. The undeniable masters of metal, polish band Decapitated, is back with a new album.

After more than two decades of success, they continue to expand their parameters and push the boundaries of the genre. The combination of established classics and refreshing underground artists are sure to present a performance of a lifetime. 

Photo Credit: BA

Brutal Assault 2023 Liuneup

Confirmed headlining acts for 2023 are Napalm Death and Hypocrisy. Stay tuned for more acts to be announced soon. 

Where to view Brutal Assault

Brutal Assault Festival Takes place in Fortress Josefov in Eastern Bohemia, Czech Republic (Okružní 313, Josefov, 551 02 Jaromer, Czechia). 

How to get to Jaromer

Located 90 minutes east of the Czech capital Prague, Jaromer can be accessed by car as well as public transport. Visitors traveling from Prague can arrive by either train or bus. Each route takes approximately two hours and costs around $5-$10. 

Upon arrival, Josefov Fortress is a five-minute drive or 25-minute walk from the central station. The easiest way to get around Jaromer is on foot. Due to the size, the entire length of the city can be walked in under an hour. 

Photo Credit: BA

Where to stay in Jaromer

There are three main hotels in the city of Jaromer. Because of the central location, Pension Expanze, Grand Hotel Jaromer and Hotel 28 are all within walking distance of the event. Rooms start at around $40 per night.

The most popular accommodation type for Brutal Assault festival is camping. The festival grounds are equipped with a VIP campsite, market and selection of worldwide cuisines. Visitors often prefer camping at the festival due to the unique atmosphere of the venue and event.

Photo Credit: BA

Things to do in Jaromer

One of the most popular attractions in Jaromer is the Josefov Fortress. Home to Brutal Assault for over a decade, the historical defence complex has become the town’s most well-known attraction. 

The transformed fortress features a range of activities and attractions throughout the entire event. A horror cinema, chill-out zones, art exhibitions and more, give visitors plenty of opportunities to enjoy the historical event. Likewise, sightseeing tours, underground mazes, stone taverns are just a few unique activities that should go on your schedule.

Brutal Assault 2023 Dates

The next festival will take place from August 9-12, 2023. 

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