Let It Roll Festival: The world’s biggest Drum & Bass Party!

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Let It Roll Festival: Another Year, Another Level, Another Unique Solar System

The world’s biggest drum & bass music festival is returning in 2019 to set the scene for another incredible adventure. Let It Roll Festival is a massive three day and night celebration of drum and bass music; renowned for its unique storylines and off-the-scale production. This year, more than 300 names from across the entire drum and bass scene, will perform across seven different custom-designed stages. The likes of Chase & Status, Andy C, Noisia and Pendulum will perform at the world-renowned event. Located just 30 minutes from Prague, Czech Republic visitors from over 47 countries will experience another massive year with more than 530 kW of roaring sounds. 

Stepping into the scene in 2003, Let It Roll has always stood out from the crowd. Unique and original stage designs are updated every year, setting the atmosphere and overall experience with each new theme. With a reputation of having the most insane stage production ever seen in the drum & bass world, there is no place like Let It Roll Festival on this planet! 

“Every stage is a chapter, YOU are the protagonists, and this year the story is taking a dramatic turn” 

Heavily inspired by the ‘not so distant future’, Let It Roll’s strong sci-fi themed identity shapes their never-ending story. This year, we are leaving planet earth, and this is where we’re heading: 


The first of seven stages is the Mothership. The main stage home will play host to the legendary opening ceremony, as well as being the home of the biggest acts on the lineup. Ranging from liquid to mainstream and more, the vessel will take ravers far away from the ravaged robot planet. The stage is every bit as extravagant as you’d imagine it to be and will loom over the entire site; reminding us of where the robots came from, and where we’re all heading.  


Bringing people together since the dawn of humankind, temples have always resembled a place of unity, hope and shared thoughts and experiences. Unlike traditional places of worship, the Temple stage is made up of great mountains of overgrown robot cases; however, it serves the exact same purpose. Bringing ravers together to celebrate a force much stronger than humankind as individuals, you can expect some ‘serious outer-planetary exultation’ at this stage. 


A gateway to a brave new future, the Portal represents the developing connection between robots and mankind; and the never-ending universe they live in. The coveted device is a deep, techno and neuro utopia, and although the road is long and stormy, it is definitely worth fighting for. Will you dare to take a step inside the Portal? 


On every planet, there is an industrial quarter; where ideas are hatched and constructions are created. Let It Roll’s industrial quarter is none other than the Shredder; where brains are stretched beyond moral imagination. Revealed to the world only a year ago, this stage is where you can expect the most uncompromised sounds and styles. This is a place where you will find neurofunk, cross breed, and every hybrid in between. 


Meet Eve, a humanoid modified through robot casing and circuitry. Introduced to the world during Let It Roll Winter, Eve has arrived after a series of turbulent adventures through space and time. The human and robot hybrid represents the next chapter of unity, where peace and tranquillity are key. Providing the ultimate stimulation for visitors, Eve’s Garden is an immersive UV retreat where the sounds of liquid, deep, jungle and rollers can be found. 


Despite our distant travels, we can never forget where we came from. Storm represents the anchor that ties us all back to reality. Named after one of Prague’s most famous venues, this stage will be home to a range of talent; from national Czech artists to international partners and more. 


In 2019, we are no longer bound to just one genre. The Freedom music stage features no limits or boundaries, where a variety of genres will keep us healthy and inspired. Everything from techno to hip hop can be found here; and as the name suggests, this stage will truly set us all free. 

“Now it’s your time to take part in the Let It Roll experience”

Photo Credit: Let It Roll

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