Billabong Pipe Masters 2020

7:00am 08 Dec - 7:00pm 20 Dec, 2020
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Banzai Pipeline, Oahu, Hawaii, United States

Billabong Pipe Masters: The greatest – and most dangerous – arena in surfing

Pipe Masters is the 11th stop on the Men’s Championship Tour 2020, and the final event of the 2020 season. If WSL has their way, a world champion will be crowned at the Billabong Pipe Masters competition on Banzai Pipeline on the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii.

Statistically speaking, Pipeline is the most deadly wave in the world and considered the holy grails of surf competition. With its shallow reef and massive Pacific swells, every year surfers are seriously injured surfing there. This is not a wave for amateurs.

A rough wipeout can not only send you underwater, it can churn you along the reef – and if you’ve ever cut yourself on sharp coral edges, you know how dangerous that can be. Danger aside though, when it comes to spectating, there aren’t many waves better suited for a serious surf competition than the Banzai Pipeline.

The wave breaks very close to shore and all you have to do is pull up some sand and take a seat to see some of the most breath-taking wave riding you’ll ever see.

Your experience at Pipe Masters

The North Shore is considered the “Mecca” of surfing, and thanks to Pipeline, Sunset Beach and Waimea it certainly lives up to its reputation. In November and December every year the Triple Crown of Surfing comes to the North Shore and attracts surf talent from around the world.

Pipe Masters is just one of several surfing competitions at this break – the Volcom Pipe Pro, Pipeline Bodysurfing Classic & IBA Pipeline Pro all call this wave home too.

Pipe Masters Event Schedule

The competition is on December 8-20, 2020.

Pipe Masters Location

The event takes place at Banzai Pipeline, North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii, United States.

Where to stay on the North Shore

There are a number of Airbnb’s and apartments on the North Shore close to the beach in front of all the action. Make sure you book early as places will go quickly.

The only hotel on the North Shore is The Turtle Bay Resort, which can be a bit costly, so look to source Airbnb to find an affordable room or house to rent.

Head to the map below or check for the best accommodation deals on Oahu here.

Where to eat on Oahu

There are plenty of good places to eat and shop in Haleiwa, and if you want to go explore the island, a trip to Waikiki on the South Shore is a must. When it comes to a surf trip to Hawaii, everyone has to do it at least once.

Do you want to know more about the World Surf League?

Joe Turpel is a Sportscaster from Hawaii and commentator for the World Surf League (WSL). Rad Season Founder Oli Russell-Cowan chats to him about his favorite spots on tour, the World Surf League in 2020 and the new WCT format for 2021. 

Photo credit:, WSL, Billabong Pipe Masters

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Accommodation near Billabong Pipe Masters 2020

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