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4:00pm - 11:59pm 09 May, 2020

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Carl Cox’s Awesome Soundwave Live: All live artists from their own studios! 

This live concert is the next virtual music festival by the Awesome Soundwave label in partnership with Beatport. All artists are performing live from their own studios featuring Ehsan Gelsi, Bloody Mary, Digital Afrika, Mat Playford, Giorgia Angiuli, An On Bast, Julien Chaptal and Satoshi Tomiie.

Carl Cox and Christopher Coe have something special prepared for you.

Watch the Replay from the first-ever Awesome Soundwave Live online festival – all live artists, all in their own studios! Held on April 25th:

Your experience

Get comfy and dance in your living room for this online electronic music party. Immerse yourself into Carl Cox’s selection of Awesome Soundwave releases and listen to Christopher Coe’s live collaboration with Ehsan Gelsi.

Tune in for Satoshi Tomiie live streaming from New York. Listen to Julien Chaptal live from The Netherlands, Digital Afrika from Australia, An On Bast from Poland, Bloody Mary from France, Giorgia Angiuli from Italy and others.

Who is Awesome Soundwave?

Awesome Soundwave is an electronic label focusing on live music. The founders Carl Cox and Christopher Coe are known for producing some of the best live acts around.

Where does the profit go?

The organizers set up a donation platform. 50% of the donations go to the artists and 50% to Crisis Kitchen Bali. 

You can donate here. 

Buy tickets

The event is free and will be streamed live on social media. The music label set up a donation platform where 50% goes to the artists and 50% to charity.

Awesome Soundwave Live schedule

Tune into the virtual concerts on May 9. Set times to be announced soon. Get excited about the lineup:

Carl Cox (AUS) 
Christopher Coe + Ehsan Gelsi (AUS / AUS)( (live Internet jam) 
Bloody Mary (FR)
Digital Afrika (AUS)
Giorgia Angiuli (IT) 
An On Bast (PL) 
Julien Chaptal (NL)
Satoshi Tomiie (US)

How do I watch the virtual event?

Watch the music festival live on Beatport’s & Awesome Soundwave’s social media channels.

Do you enjoy virtual music festivals? Check out One World: Together at home or other virtual events.

Photo credits: Awesome Soundwave, Carl Cox, Christopher Coe

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