Ultra Trail Australia 2022

12:00pm 27 Oct - 12:00pm 30 Oct, 2022
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Katoomba, Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia

Ultra Trail Australia 2022: The World’s 3rd Biggest Trail Running Race

The undisputed king of Australia’s trail running races. One of the most challenging, stunning and prestigious 100km trail running events in the world.

Ultra Trail Australia takes place in Blue Mountains National Park of New South Wales, Australia listed as World Heritage site. The event started in 2008 as The North Face 100 and Marathon Pairs. Then 2013 a shorter 50km was introduced.

Runners come from across the country as well as internationally to compete in this incredible endurance race.

Ultra Trail Australia Races


Where it all begins. The organizers AROC Sport searched across Australia to find the best place to set up the stunning 100km trail running race. Spectacular views and a whole lot of stairs. The 100km has an elevation gain of 4,400m.


The Ultra-Trail Australia 50 began in 2013 and has grown into an iconic event in its own right. It’s the perfect challenge for runners tackling their first ultra run.

The 50km course takes part in the second half of the 100km route passing the Kedumba Valley and has an elevation gain of 2,400m.


The UTA22 starts at Queen Victoria Hospital and finishes at Scenic World. It’s the perfect intro for runs looking to try a trail running event at 1,200 elevation gain.


The Scenic World UTA951 is stair running time trail event up the Furber Stairs. Take on 951 stairs in 1km and finish at the iconic Scenic World.


Bring along the family for the Injinji 1km-4-Kids event.  For kids any age up to 12 years old can take part and join the fun in the 1km race. Each kid receives a medal to show their accomplishment.

Ultra Trail Australia 2022 Dates

The event is due to take place on October 27-30, 2022.

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