24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell 2019 -

24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell 2019

8:00am 25 Sep - 10:00pm 29 Sep, 2019
24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell 2019 Starts In
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Horseshoe Canyon Ranch, Jasper, Arkansas

24 Hours of Climbing Maddness at Horseshoe Hell

Not good at playing horseshoes? That’s okay! You have all of your sixties to drink cheap lagers while you master the game.

24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell has nothing to do with horseshoes and everything to do with climbing, and we’re guessing you’re half decent at that if you’ve read this far into the article. This festival takes place every summer in northwest Arkansas with the sole purpose of challenging climbers to a 24-hour climb-a-thon.

Wait – we should revise that last statement. Climbing is the main focus of the event, but it’s really just an excuse to stay up all night in the woods, chugging Colt 45s with a bunch of skinny weirdos wearing fake mustaches and Viking helmets.

While competition passes are sold out, you can still snag a spectator pass. It’ll get you access to all the fun and games, including camping, a pancake breakfast, pasta dinner, and climbing (outside of the 24-hour window into hell).

Where to stay for Horseshoe Hell

There are loads of Airbnb’s and a few guest houses in the area and close by in Harrison. For the best deals head to the map below.

24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell 2019 Dates

Horseshoe Hell is back on September 25 – 29, 2019.

For more event information head to Two Four Hell

24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell 2019 Location

Book your stay nearby 24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell 2019 from the map, displaying all the available Airbnbs and hotels nearby, at the lowest prices.

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