Vogalonga Regatta 2019 -

Vogalonga Regatta 2019

6:00am - 6:00pm 09 Jun, 2019

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Venice, Italy

Row, row, row your boat to one of the most memorable watersport events of the year: the Vogalonga Regatta.

Started in 1974 in Venice, Italy this world famous regatta is still organized every single year. Along these years of success of this event, the Vogalonga Regatta has now become an important tradition.

Rowers from all over the world travel to the floating city of Venice to be a part of this exciting event. Anyone can row in this event, in any style of rowboat!

The regatta will have canoes racing with dragon boats, and people of all cultures and backgrounds will be competing in the spirit of fun, and only fun!

The Vogalonga Regatta is a non-competitive race, so it’s better to call it a get-together of rowers from across the five oceans. With the air full of nothing but good-spirited fun, the rower’s teams sing songs to cheer them on and enjoy the entertaining day. Despite it not being a race, the spectators’ thunderous applause shows the crowd’s energy, enthusiasm, and love for the sport.

Even though this event comes one day a year but people seems to be very excited for Vogalonga Regatta because of the beautiful lagoon passages, the spirit of rowers and a great opportunity to see Venice as river of thousands of boats. All these things make Vogalonga a successful event. In 2007, there was a highest record of 5,600 participants in over 1,500 boats.

Call it a carnival parade of rowers or a watersports event, it is a fun-filled gala like no other, held in the city of water itself.

Where to View Vogalonga Regatta

The rowing regatta stretches across 32 kilometers of Venice canals. As per tradition, the route is going to begin from Bacino of St. Mark and then go past the Plazzi of the Grand Canal. Winding through lagoon islands, the rowers return back to Venice and end up at Punta Della Doganna at the finish of the regatta.

How to Get around In Venice

If you’re in Venice, explore the city as much as you can before you have to leave. The city is full of enchanting architecture and natural beauty everywhere you look.

Explore the historic side of Venice by strolling down the streets and observing the preserved architecture of the past.

Vaporetto is a very famous ferry in Venice that takes people from bus stop to bus stop on the water. It is also a great way of commute. Check the schedules and times online or you can find them posted all over the city.

Where to Stay In Venice?

We recommend you stay at an affordable hostel, motel, or B&B (Bed and Breakfast) as you will be spending your whole day exploring the city anyway!

If your plan is to stay for a long time in Venice then consider Mestre or Marghera for your accommodation. These comfortable accommodations are low in cost and located close to the city. Head to the map below for the best deals on hotels and Airbnb’s in Venice.

What to Do In Venice?

There are simply too many things to do in Venice. In the daytime visit St. Mark’s Square, also known as Piazza San Marco. There are some famous coffee shops there, where you can enjoy tea or coffee while appreciating the splendid architecture of St. Mark’s Basilicia and the famous Doge’s palace.

When visiting Venice, Rialto bridge is a must see. An exquisite bridge with an arch, 3 walkways and 2 rows of shops makes for a very scenic and romantic view. Of course, be sure to go for a gondola ride in the canals of Venice, serenaded with traditional Italian songs. 

There are many restaurants in Venice offering delectable Italian specialties. Risotto and ceviche are considered famous dishes of Venice. Ask locals where to find these authentic dishes cooked to perfection.

If you want to try the finest wine, Enoteca Al Volto, the oldest wine bar in Venice, is the perfect place for it.

Vogalonga Regatta 2019 Dates

The next Vogalonga Regatta will take place on Sunday, June 9th, 2019.

Accommodation near Vogalonga Regatta 2019

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