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Tiago Pires former pro surfer
Tiago Pires Trailblazing To Become The First Portuguese Surfer To Qualify For The Champion Tour Tiago Pires got hooked on surfing at 11 years old on family holidays to Ericeria from Lisbon. He would take the bus up there after school on the weekends and joined the Ericeria Surf Club…
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Nick Uricchio co-founder Semente Surfboards
Nick Uricchio, Co-Founder of Semente Surfboards in Ericeira, Portugal Nick Uricchio grew up in Connecticut and moved out to Arcadia, California when he was 10. His Grandfather got him into scuba diving and skin diving. At 15 in high school he started surfing with friends at Huntington Beach.  After finishing…
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the best surf beaches in Portugal
So where are the best surf beaches in Portugal? A few years ago I rented a van and toured a little slice of the dramatic Portuguese coastline, beginning in the dry and gusty town of Sagres and continuing northwards to the lively and extraordinarily beautiful city of Porto. [caption id="attachment_199701"…
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