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Ben Barker Managing Director of Extreme Destinations
Ben Barker, the Managing Director of EXTREME's International Sports and Leisure Destinations Growing up in the UK Ben had a fascination with travel and has lived all over the world from the Middle East to South East Asia the Americas and Africa. He graduated with a degree in Hotel and…
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Extreme and Adventure Sports Alistair Gosling
Episode 24: Podcast with Alistair Gosling, CEO and Founder of EXTREME International 25 years on. In this episode Oli Russell-Cowan chats to investor, entrepreneur and founder of EXTREME Alistair Gosling. With a passion for extreme and adventure sports Alistair set out on a mission to build a TV distribution company and in…
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Squirrel suit free fall in Switzerland part of The Extreme Sport Destination Dossier: Switzerland
Extreme Sports Guide To Switzerland Switzerland. There’s far more to this white-capped wonderland than cheese, chocolate and keeping time. And don’t let the Swiss penchant for neutrality fool you either – when it comes to outdoor action, there’s no question what side they’re on: Extremity (and a whole lot of…
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Chasing the Lineage of Extreme Sports
The Wonderful World Of Extreme Sports Those daring activities we all know and love that plunge us into adrenaline-peaked tremors of exhilaration and danger. But what do you really know about extreme sports? What exactly makes a sport extreme, or an extreme activity a real sport? Most importantly, from where…
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