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Episode 21: Podcast with Risto Kalmre, Founder of Simple Session one of the world’s leading action sports festivals

In the next episode Oli Russell-Cowan chats to Risto Kalmre, designer, event producer, founder and organiser of Simple Session, one of the world’s premier action sports events for skateboarding and BMX. Simple Session had it’s 20th Anniversary in February 2020 just before the pandemic hit and the events world changed forever.

Risto, grew up in Tartu, southern Estonia. During the 90’s there was only a handful of BMX and skaters in the country. In Tartu they built a new skatepark and with his brother Mario they launched the first-ever Simple Session event in 2000.

In 2004 Risto moved to the Estonian capital of Tallinn, along with Simple Session. Over the years the event has grown and housed some of the biggest names in BMX and skateboarding. The riding is next level and the parties are legendary.

Tune in for some of Risto’s best and worst moments from Simple Session and what future events projects he has in store.

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