Noisily Festival 2024

12:00pm 11 Jul - 12:00pm 14 Jul, 2024

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Leicester, United Kingdom

Take a break from being nice and quiet – try doing something Noisily

We have just one question for you. Are you ready to make some noise? Get ready for an exciting and action packed event where you can validate your wild side. The Noisily Festival promises you partying, pandemonium, and of course, pure music.

The festival was founded specifically to detach itself from the more mainstream genres and allow indie music artists and songwriters to shine and demonstrate their individuality rooted in originality. Noisily boasts of its independence from corporate sponsorship which is why it has maintained its urban popularity among the masses.

The musical talent this event brings to the forefront is nothing short of exemplary. Given its unique taste for the unusual, The Noisily Festival has exposed its jubilant audiences to a culture of extraordinary music.

“There is never a better time for you to lose your body to the rhythm of the music.”

Dance all night at the festival as the visually breathtaking flashlights reach for the skies. Meet the wildest and most fun-loving of people at the festival and bond over music and mayhem on an unforgettable night.

But by far the biggest highlight of the festival is the overall spirit of the event, which encourages you to give up all the things dragging you down and give in to your exhilarating nature. Just go wild and embrace the addictive atmosphere of unadulterated fun.

It is in fact the remedy you need to get over the troubles ailing you and soak in the positive energy offered by Noisily. You will end up leaving the show with nothing but good vibes and a good buzz.

The Noisily Festival is an adult event strictly for those over the age of 18, so no children will be allowed. You will have to provide valid documentation to prove that you are of age and are eligible to buy a ticket.

How to view Noisily Festival

The Noisily Music festival is held at Coney Woods in the city of London. Coney Woods is located deep in the woods at Noseley Hall in the county of Leicestershire, LE7 9EH.

How to get around Leicestershire

Leicestershire can be travelled by car, train and even a bike depending on your preference.

If you wish to go by train then you can easily seek the train to Market Harborough as it provides the easiest passage. If you wish to reach your destination faster, then we highly recommend you booking your seat in advance as Harborough is only one hour away from London’s King Cross.

If you prefer to travel by car then opt for the car service connected to the Noisily Festival. One of the vehicles to accommodate you is the Go Car Share which serves one or more groups of passengers together

All it takes is a two hour drive from London and you’ll arrive at party central.

Where to stay in Leicestershire

Leicestershire is well prepared to accommodate your stay and provide you quality service through a variety of luxurious and affordable hotels and guest houses that off.

The Holiday Inn, Rome guest house, Quora Regent, Campanile and Ramada Encore Hotel are some of the finest options for you to choose from. 

Head to the map below for all the hotel deals and apartments in the area.

Things to do in Leicestershire

Leicestershire has attracted many visitors to experience their wonderful historic sites like the Mount St. Bernard Abbey to their War Memorial monuments. Their natural Sence Valley country Park and Croft Hill are a hit with nature lovers who fancy a scenic stroll.

You can take a tour at the Alpaca Park Farms and observe how the farmers handle their herds. But by far the most attractive display is Leicestershire’s Birds Of Prey Experience where you can encounter predatory birds like falcons up close and personal – a guaranteed thrilling delight.

Noisily Festival 2024 Dates

The Noisily Music Festival is set to take place on July 11-14, 2024.

United Kingdom Travel Tips:

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Spend money wisely: Take public transport and dine in from time to time are common saving tips during traveling. How to spend money wisely in United Kingdom? Make use of technology. There’s an app for everything.

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