Kentucky Bourbon Festival 2020

6:00pm 16 Sep - 5:00pm 20 Sep, 2020

Event Ended

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Bardstown, Kentucky

Kentucky Bourbon Festival 2020 goes virtual: The best Bourbon event in the Country

The 2020 Kentucky Bourbon Festival showcases 20 virtual ‘Spirits Education Sessions’ online incl. The Art of Whiskey Making and Cocktail Quickies. Just get your bourbons and cocktail ingredients and make your own during the show. The weekend will finish with the World Championship Bourbon Barrel Relay. Tune in to watch the fun unfold.

Kentucky Bourbon Festival in Bardstown

Kentucky, with its fertile soil, perfect climate, and pure water is the soul of bourbon, so what better place is there for a bourbon festival considered one of ‘the 10 best drinking festivals in the world‘.  At this event small, medium, and large distilleries attend to join in on the bourbon celebrations and present their individual bourbons for tasting and teaching.

‘Explore the history behind it and the art of distilling it at Kentucky Bourbon Festival’.

Your experience at the Kentucky Bourbon Festival

Some of those attending the Kentucky Bourbon Festival include Jim Beam, Buffalo Trace, Heaven Hill, Wild Turkey, Woodford Reserve, Lux Row, Old Forester, and many more. The Kentucky bourbon festival offers much more than just bourbon tasting and celebrations.

Every day there are specific sessions taking place to help enlighten and educate bourbon enthusiasts. Covering the history behind bourbon and the art of distilling it, these sessions explore areas that many people are blind to.

On the morning of the first day of the festival, there is a class that teaches the value of every grain included in the spirit. Here you will examine rye, corn, wheat, and malted barley. Other sessions consist of bourbon and food pairing, bourbon cocktail making, the science of maturation, and the flavors of fermentation. With great bourbon comes great music and the Bourbon festival will not let you down on this one.

Kentucky Bourbon Festival Schedule

There is a full weekend lineup of national, regional, and local talent where your eardrums are pleasured as much as your taste buds are. Also attending the festival are diverse food vendors along with bourbon merchandise stalls. A bourbon barrel relay, a golf tournament, barrel making sessions, and a distiller’s auction are just some of the community events that are planned.

Throughout the years the Kentucky bourbon festival has created a community, a place where bourbon lovers from across the globe can unite, learn, and share their experiences and passion for the nations beloved spirit.

How to get there

The Kentucky bourbon festival is located on 114 North Fifth Street in Bardstown Kentucky. We all know that drink driving is a very bad idea and so the festival has arranged a shuttle bus to pick up and drop off at 16 prime locations in Bardstown. This service will run every twenty minutes for the duration of the festival.

Where to stay in Bardstown

The city of Bardstown has approximately 16 B&Bs, most of which are in a prime location. Ranging in quality, size, and amenities, the B&Bs are both basic and stylish.

There are more glamorous options available if you desire. Motels flood the city with a majority of them located within 1km of the city center. More luxurious hotels are found further out of the center. There are a few cottages to rent in the area which are more desirable for groups.

Check out the map below for the best hotel and Airbnb deals in Bardstown.

Things to do in Bardstown

As we already know, Kentucky is the heart of bourbon, so naturally everywhere you go will present bourbon tasting and other bourbon-related activities. But that’s not all that awaits in Bardstown. Being the second oldest city in the state, Bardstown is bursting with history and tales. A visit to the civil war museum will present a selection of relics along with the stories from that period.

The shopping scene in Bardstown is a somewhat unique one with a vast selection of antique shops and boutiques. Embrace the great outdoors and try out the My Old Kentucky Running Tour. A 5km tour stopping at ten spots where Bardstown’s history is unraveled. Other outdoor activities include canoeing, paddleboarding, cycling, and golf. Drink some bourbon, explore the past, and enjoy the delights of Bardstown.

Kentucky Bourbon Festival 2020 Dates

The Kentucky Bourbon Festival 2020 will kick off on Wednesday, September 16 and continue until Sunday, September 20, 2020.

Photo Credit: Kentucky Bourbon Festival

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