The Great Vic Bike Ride 2020

9:00am 28 Nov - 11:30pm 06 Dec, 2020
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Bright, Victoria

Great Vic Bike Ride: Australia’s biggest bike riding festival

Grasp life by the handlebars and grab your mates for an end of year holiday like no other – Bicycle Network’s Great Victorian Bike Ride. In 2020 we’re riding from the Mountains to the Murray river from November 28 to December 6, 2020.

Most people have heard about it or know someone who has been on it, but what do they really know about it? Sure, it’s about 500 kms in a week on a bike. But that’s barely the half of it.

For most people it’s not about the bike, but the people you meet and the towns along the way. With over 3,000 on the ride it’s the most social week of the year. The impact on little towns is amazing. Milk bars get cleaned out, pubs run out of beer, chemists run out of sun block and allegedly condoms!

‘It’s schoolies for adults. A chance to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and go camping with your mates whilst enjoying the party like festivities of the Great Vic Bike Ride.’

The 35th Great Vic ride starts in Bright on Saturday 24 November and winds its way from the mountains to the Murray River in Victoria, Australia. After 529km you end up in Benalla on Sunday 1 December. Overnight stays include Bright, Beechworth (two nights), Tallangatta, Rutherglen (two nights and rest day), Yarrawonga and Glenrowan.

Things to do on the Great Vic Bike Ride

Bands every night.
Craft beers on the campsite as well as the must visit Bright Brewery.
Meet local growers and sample food, wine and cheese.
Food trucks.
Outdoor cinema.
Hit the tourist trail, do a local tour and check out one of the many museums, like the Ned Kelly Museum in Glenrowan.
Splurge on The Spa Beechworth or a paragliding flight in Bright.
Cafes, wine bars and restaurants.

Ride Options

If you don’t have the time to take a week off or think your fitness is lacking, then there’s the 3 or 5 day options.

The 5 dayer will give you a taste of the Mountains and the Murray, or sample the Great Vic experience on the last three days.

Sleep Options

Most people BYO tent but you can pay extra and get Bicycle Network to put a “sleep easy” tent up and down for you.

If you can’t do without your creature comforts then AllTrails will motel it for you and even give you a massage.

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