Evel Knievel Days 2018

12:00pm 26 Jul - 10:00pm 28 Jul, 2018

Event Ended

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Uptown Butte, Montana, United States

Evel Knievel Days Cancelled for 2018

Celebrating the legend of Evel Knievel in his home town of Butte, Montana. There is no other event of it’s kind. The annual Evel Knievel Days is an non-profit event lasting over 3 days residing in the “Godfather of Extreme Sports” hometown of Butte, Montana.

Come join in and celebrate the legacy of the original action sports icon and see the dozens of spectacles, world-record stunts and purse races–featuring motorcycles, BMX, mountain biking and skateboarding as well as activities for the whole family–all of it for free!

Evel Knievel Days mission is to honor the greatest daredevil of all time with a free, awesome event for all ages in his hometown of Butte, Montana.

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For more event information head to the official website evelknieveldays.org

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5 thoughts on “Evel Knievel Days 2018

  1. Michael Lancto says:

    I want to jump 19 cars

  2. Michael lancto says:

    I can,t wait

  3. MC.enthusiast.in.MT says:

    Too bad this event is getting canceled due to lack of funding. I reached out anywhere I could to try and get some celebrity to save this for the sake of stunt history and the namesake of Butte, MT. So far, no takers.

    Keep in mind that this is a 3 day event that would be in it’s 17th year, held where Evel Knievel was born, and buried. Where he went in 2006, after being diagnosed with the disease that would later end his life and suffering two strokes, to be on stage with his son Robbie AT Evel Knievel Days. There are plenty more important ties, but I digress.

    Meanwhile, Nitro Circus is doing stunt shows everywhere all year, except July and August… Here is what they had to say about keeping Evel Knievel Days alive:

    “Thanks for sending over that information! It’s great to hear from passionate fans! Nitro Circus is actually helping put on a show in Vegas called “Evel Live” where Travis Pastrana will be performing 3 of Evel’s stunts all in one day. This event will be broadcasted on the History Channel and is taking place July 8th.
    We appreciate you reaching out!
    Team Nitro”

    That’s a great acknowledgment and I’m certain it will be worth watching, but I’m deeply bothered by the neglect to this historic event and it’s location. Especially by a group who’s careers were literally trailblazed by Evel Knievel’s life accomplishments in the daredevil world.

    I’ve reached out to others as well, hopefully Johnny Knoxville or Richard Hammond at least show more concern for this loss.

    1. Len White says:

      Try Mike from American PICKERS. He is an historian and a biker.

  4. Jennifer R says:

    Invite Robbie Knievel and you will get the funding that you need from celeberties, try that!! I bet you it will work.

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