Chagstock Festival 2022

12:00pm 22 Jul - 12:00pm 23 Jul, 2022
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Dartmoor, Devon, United Kingdom

Chagstock: Where the act of giving means a fun-filled party in a field with the beautiful people of Devon

Probably the most family-friendly festival that the UK has to offer situated in the stunning region of Devon. There is no primary center point to a specific music genre here as they have acts from all walks of life with something different to offer. The Chagstock festival is an ex-private event that caters to 5000 people, the reason I say ex-private is because the Chagstock originally held the event for 100 people for fundraising purposes. Whilst the festival is still driven to raise funds for good causes they decided that with such great headliners, affordable beverages and snacks, and 2 days of uncontrollable fun, they couldn’t possibly keep the door closed and limit the number of people to just 100.

The Chagstock festival has literally been built from grass up with the very first session in 2003, being held in a back garden with many favors being withdrawn from the bank of friends, and some very dodgy DIY.

The Good Cause Fest

2006 was when the Chagstock festival finally took Devon by storm bumping their numbers up from 100 to 5000. Now in their 15th year, the Chagstock aims to give back to the community and donates all income to local donation-based services such as, the Air Ambulance Trust and other worthy causes. What a great way to give back to the community.

‘The Chadstock festival has become a local ritual where the people of Devon firmly engrave the dates into their calendars.’

People of all ages get involved into the making of the festival with young scouts offering a “camping gear carry” service where, for a small donation, they load up your equipment into a wheelbarrow and take it to the main camping ground.

Chagstock Theme

This year’s Chagstock theme is Space and Sci-Fi, the organizers urge as many people to dress up as possible and if you’re bringing the children, get them involved too! 2018’s line-up features Imelda May and Buzzcocks along with a variety of up and coming bands and artists in several genres.

There is a whole section dedicated to children and includes a play area, bouncy castle, face painting, and a climbing tower.

Getting To Chagstock Festival

Set in farming fields in the very heart of Dartmoor the Chagstock festival is very much out in the sticks. Getting to the festival is not quite as easy if you’re not driving, as the local buses pick up about as often as the bin men do. That being said, many Chagstock goers are car sharing this year and you can arrange this by using Facebook or a nifty site called GoCarShare.

Chagstock Tickets

Chagstock is a 2-day family-friendly festival and offers two separate fields for camping. One for caravan/campervan parking and the other camping field is slightly quieter at night ideal for families. Tickets start from £100.32 per adult with group and family discounts available.

Chagstock also offers individual day tickets but when you can bring your camper for as little as £19 you may as well stay for the full two days. Accompanied children under 12 years get free entrance!

Where To Stay in Dartmoor

With an array of options Devon sure can cater for all. From family camping, luxury hotels, and cute country cottages Devon will welcome all. Boasting stunning scenery with two coastlines, pebbled bays, sandy beaches, and the greenest of green countryside, it would be a challenge to find somewhere without a stunning view.

Best Hotels and Self-Catered Vacation Rentals in Dartmoor

Things To Do In Devon

Peaking at the activities Devon has to offer, you are truly spoilt for choice. Embraced by both waters and countryside you can enjoy anything from surfing, fishing, sailing, kayaking, Diving, or canoeing, to cycling, high ropes, trail walking, and horse riding.

If you are looking for something a little more glamorous you also have a range of spa and well-being centers in the area. What more could you possibly need?

Chagstock 2022 Dates

This year the Chagstock festival starts on Friday the 22th of July and finishes on Saturday the 23rd of July, 2022. The non-profit festival is ultra, family-friendly and children of all ages are welcome.

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