Cape Epic 2019 -

Cape Epic 2019

8:00am 17 Mar - 5:00pm 24 Mar, 2019

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Western Cape, South Africa

Challenge South Africa’s Western Cape in Cape Epic

Get ready to rumble as you engross yourself in the ever exciting and energizing Absa Cape Epic which once again is proudly organizing the annual mountain bike stage race. Since taking the stage in 2004, the event has attracted considerable worldwide attention. Elite professional mountain bikers from around the world gather to brave the rocks and the heat, racing all the way to the finishing line.

With bikers of this international stature it’s only natural that they attract adoring fans to cheer them on in their endeavor. The crowd charges their adrenaline from the thrill of the sport.

The event is significant for its unifying spirit and passionate support where people of all colors and backgrounds come together to enjoy the momentous occasion. The sport in and of itself exemplifies what it means to face the challenging geography of South African wilderness and its mysterious habitat.

It is where you can witness your favorite bikers in awe as they conquer the sharp mountains and untamed forestry and come back as survivors and heroes, peddling mercilessly on their bikes to win the Gold.

‘The word Epic for this event did not simply come out of thin air after all.’

It is in fact what led the Olympic Gold Medalist and former Absa Cape Epic winner in mountain biking to terming this event as the “Tour De France of Mountain Biking”. Cape Epic is owned by World Triathlon Corporation.

Where to view Cape Epic

Western Cape is considered to be one of the most beautiful of South Africa’s provinces. It is what makes it so popular among foreign tourists.

The event takes place in the Western Cape which is where the route starts and finishes. The race week lasts eight days and normally covers 700 kilometers. The first stage begins at the University of Cape Town where the Absa Cape Epic starts. The racing gets underway at 0640.

How to get around Western Cape

If you wish to travel by flight then Cape Town’s International Airport is the ideal choice to lead you to your designated area.  You can also opt for a train, Spoornet operates regular intercity trains from Johannesburg to Cape Town. MetroRail is also known for its commuter trains to towns and suburbs near Cape Town.

The main bus companies that offer regular services are Intercape and Greyhound which lead straight to Western Cape.

Car rentals are easily accessible for you. The road network is quite good and considering that some places are not fit for public transport this is a better way to travel to Western Cape. However, it is highly recommended that you take a qualified guide with you who knows his way around Western Cape.

Where to Stay in Western Cape

Given its many foreign tourists Western Cape is abundant with its best hotels ranging from five to seven stars. You can easily avail a suite or room once you check in and provided temporary shelter where you can rest and relax. Hotels like Verde Cape Town, The Glen Boutique, Vineyard, Treehouse, Robertson small and La Petite Firm are among its finest and most superb hospitalities.

Head to the map below for all the Airbnb  and hotel deals in the Western Cape.

What to do in Western Cape

South Africa’s Wine Tour is considered the highlight of its many attractions. The Wine regions of Paarl and Stellenbosch produce some of the finest wines in Cape Winelands. You can enjoy South African wines as you visit four different wineries sampling the red and white wines including sparkling wine.

You can also feat your eyes on the magnificent whales while whale watching in Hermanus. Depending on the time of year you can view the Humpback, Southern Right whales and even seals and dolphins.

You can top it off by feasting on delicious South African cuisine like tripe which is a regional delicacy in Cape served lightly curried with small potatoes and fried onions. Morogo, or wild spinach, is also something you cannot miss out on.

Dates of Cape Epic

The Absa Cape Town is expected to take place from 17th March 2019 to 24th March 2019. The 2019 route will be unveiled shortly, on 26th September 2018.

Accommodation near Cape Epic 2019

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