Bucket List Worthy Sporting Events for Two-Wheel Addicts

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There is a certain formula that is required to create a sporting event that is bucket list worthy. One that draws the audience in bringing them close to the action, meanwhile captivating them with the sights, sounds and roars from the fellow spectators around them. Add some live music, rowdy pub nights or pints in the paddock and we guarantee you these events will be marked on your calendars for you and your friends to make the annual pilgrimage for years to come.

Here at Rad Season, we bring you our top must-see sporting events spanning three disciplines (MTB, Motorcycle and Dirt bikes) for the two-wheel addicts in no particular order:

Isle of Man Tourist Trophy Race

When: May/June
Where: Isle of Man, United Kingdom

Arguably the greatest motorcycle racing event in the world, this legendary race takes place on the Isle of Man, a body of land located between England and Northern Ireland. Originated in 1907, the Isle of Man TT serves as the longest running motorcycle event in the world spanning over 100 years.

Picture this, for 2 weeks every year Isle of Man transforms into a motorcycle mecca with thousands of people making their way over via ferry boat to enjoy 2 weeks of road racing, bike culture and plenty of pints.

The roads are closed to the public as highly anticipated Senior TT event (1000cc sport bikes) take to the Mountain Course. With a length of 37 miles long and riders posting average speeds of 133mph spectators get front row seats sometimes only a few feet away from the action.

Why did the event make the list?

It’s the most dangerous two-wheeled racing event in the world, spectators can get up close to the action and the paddocks are open to the public to chat with the racers. Mark your calendars; pack up your bikes and make the journey to ride the famous Mountain Course yourself if you dare.

Red Bull Hare Scramble – Erzbergrodeo

When: June
Where: Eisenerz, Austria

Set in the Austrian Alps, this enduro race is the largest mass start race of its kind in the world. Since its inception in 1995, this annual event has gained much popularity and bragging rights for those that compete in this grueling test of man and machine.

Part technical enduro rides, part four-day party, the Red Bull Hare Scramble – Erzbergrodeo marks the crown jewel in the Hard Enduro Calendar.

With a slew of events to keep you busy throughout the 4-day event such as the Iron Road Prologue, a hillclimb and the traditional ride into the town of Eisenerz, the crown jewel is the Red Bull Hare Scramble, seeing some 500 riders fight their way out of the quarry trenches to try and conquer the Iron Mountain.

The biggest mass start in any motor sport event sees approximately 30 riders each year finishing the 4-hour long race to the finish.

Need more convincing?

On top of the incredible views, heart pounding racing action, the event has a superb party atmosphere and draws both amateur and professionals from over 40 countries truly making it a global event.

Red Bull Rampage

When: October
Where: Virgin, Utah, United States

What do you get when you take the top free-ride MTB athletes in the world, and tell them to find their own unique line down one unforgiving, raw, steep, technical Utah Mountain full of canyon gaps and step-downs? Red Bull Rampage, an action-sporting event like no other.

The Holy Grail in Mountain Bike competition, this invite only, rider judged event has seen some of the biggest ticks performed on two wheels in the history of the sport. Set in the uniquely demanding terrain of the Virgin Utah desert, riders compete for a large price purse and the glory of being named the best free-ride Mountain Biker, assuming they even make it to the bottom.

This event has been known for making history on two wheels. In past events we have seen athletes back flip a 72ft canyon gap or trick off a 60ft drop. Every year seems to produce a memorable moment that further cements mountain bikers as extreme athletes.

Why did Rampage make the list?

It’s simple; this event is about as dangerous as they come with no room for error. See insane tricks, knarly lines being ridden and the top riders in the sport putting it all on the line for their chance at becoming the king of Rampage.

There you have it, three disciplines, and three very unique sporting events. So mark your calendars and experience the best two-wheeled action sporting events in the world.

Read more about the Red Bull Joyride, Rampage and Hardline. Enough of Red Bull? Check out this overview of the UCI World Cup Downhill and Enduro World Series.

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B-Rad aka The Tourist On A Bike was born into a life on two wheels. He grew up in North Vancouver, Canada, a riding mecca and the birth place of free-ride mountain biking. His youth was spent riding downhill bikes and doing shuttle laps on one of three local mountains. As he grew older, so did his need for speed expanding his two wheel collection with the acquisition of a Yamaha 250f dirt bike. Fast forward a few years and motorcycles enter the picture further cementing his passion for anything on two wheels. Nowadays you can catch Brad traveling the globe in search of the best roads, trails and descents fueling his addiction of bikes.


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