10 Of The Best Places To Go Sandboarding Around The World

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Where To Go Sandboarding?

Action sport athletes get creative when they aren’t surrounded by their natural conditions. Surfers take to the streets to carve up pavement much like the water barrels off the coastline. Bikers will attempt to race on rocky, sandy or just about any outdoor surface you can think of. As for snowboarders and skiers, summertime doesn’t mean it’s offseason. Sandboarding is the ultimate cure for winter slope deficiency and provides a surreal shredding experience. Sand dunes don’t always have to be dreaded areas of the world

We’ve put together a list of the top sandboarding hotspots, tours and rental shops to fulfill your boarding fix. Remember, it’s always the season somewhere!

1. Peru

The beautiful South American country of Peru boasts some of the highest sand dunes in the world. In fact, the Duna Grande in Inca, Peru was home to the Sandboard World Cup 2017. They also have the largest sand dune on the planet,  Cerro Blanco at 2070 metres located in Nasca. 

First timers beware, the steep slopes of the Peruvian dunes are extremely fast. For the experts on the winter ski slopes, this summer alternative will have you salivating at the mouth. Check out the tour links below to book a session in Huacachina, Peru.

Location: Huacachina, Peru

Sandboarding Tours in Peru

Peru Adventure Tours

2. Nicaragua

Possibly one of the raddest spots on our list, Nicaragua dunes feature black, ashy sands from for an extraordinary experience.

Trek up to the summit of the active volcano, Cerro Negro, for an action-packed adrenaline filled boarding sesh. As you look out on the horizon, green vegetation of the country side depicts a beautifully contrasted view with the black sand beneath you. Several tours can be setup from the small neighboring colonial town.

Location: Cerro Negro, Nicaragua

Sandboarding Tours in Nicaragua


3. Germany

Enjoy the thrill of shredding man-made sand slopes in the some of the best conditions in the world.

Monte Kaolino is the most popular place in all of Europe for such a sport, and hosts the annual Sandboarding World Championships. Best part about this slope, is the lift that carries riders from the top to the bottom!

Location: Monte Kaolino, Germany

4. Chile

Northern Chile is home to major sandboarding spots for action sport athletes. Valle de la Muerte, Cerro Dragon and Medanoso has gained plenty popularity for the sport in recent years. Cerro Iman hosts an annual boarding competition where dozens of athletes show off their skills.

It’s safe to say you won’t have a shortage of sandboarding spots in this beautiful country to choose from. Check out one of our favorites below…

Location: Atacama and multiple other locations

Sandboarding Tours in Chile


5. Australia

Australia has got it all and it is no different with the sport of sandboarding. Kangaroo Island is an exceptional place for experienced boarders, while Western Australia’s Lucky Bay sand dunes is a great spot for beginners. Head over to the dunes of Lancelin for one of the most popular areas at peak times.

Burnt out from all the sand after a day on the slopes?  Head down to Lancelin Back Beach to cool off by the water.

Location: Kangaroo Island, Port Stephens, Kalbarri and multiple other spot.

Sandboarding Tours in Australia

Kangaroo Island Outdoor Action
Kalbarri Sandboarding
Port Stephens 4WD Tours

6. California, United States

The Golden State is home to just about anything you can think of. Sandboarding dunes line nearly the entire California coast and even venture to the desert of Death Valley.

The beautiful part about California is that it’s possible to surf, snowboard and sandboard all in one day. The proximity of all these areas are amazing and is a must-see destination on any action sport athletes list.

Location: Multiple spots in California

7. Japan

The largest dune in this island country is the Tottori sand dune that hugs the coast of the Sea of Japan.

Local shops offer rentals and lessons with the breath-taking views that overlook the ocean. Other options include the Shimoda and Chiba dunes.

Location: Tottori, Shimoda and Chiba

Sandboarding Tours in Japan

Japan Guide

8. Oregon, United States

Sand Master Park is one of the originators of a sandboarding exclusive park. It’s located just off the Pacific Ocean and contains over 40 acres of runs and specialized courses.

The park also hosts the annual Sand Master Jam competition where the world’s best borders put their freestyle tricks on display during the summer. Check out the park’s website for more information.  

Location: Sand Master Park, Florence, Oregon, United States

Sandboarding in Oregon

Sand Master Park

9. Israel

Negev Desert, Israel

Southern Israel is home to some of the most beautiful deserts in the world, making it an ideal spot for sandboarding.

The sand dunes of the Negev Desert provide a wide variety of slopes for both beginners and experts. Steep inclines are just as abundant as the smaller ones for the younger riders. Travel by jeep with several tour options for an action-packed adventure.

Location: Negev Desert, Israel

Sandboarding Tours in Israel

Tourist Israel

10. United Arab Emirates

Much like Israel, the United Arab Emirates features miles of gorgeous desserts with hundreds of dunes. The desert in Dubai is a highly sought after spot for snowboarders to take on the adrenaline rush of sand-slope shredding.

Location: The deserts of Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Sandboarding Tours in the UAE

The Dubai Safari
Regal Tours UAE
Abu Dhabi Desert Safari

Feature image: Sandboarding Huacachina, Peru. Credit: Robert Luna

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