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Machu Picchu in Peru
Adventure Travel Destinations That Need To Be On Your Bucket List Not everybody is made for lounging by the pool or getting a tan on the beach. Some people crave adventure. Do you dream about dangerous cliffs, breathtaking views of a mountain range or trekking to hard to reach places?…
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Selvamonos Festival in Peru
Selvamonos Festival: Peru Music Fest Survives 10 Years in The Jungle Ten years ago, Miki Gonzalez was an established star on the Peruvian music scene, a pioneer innovator in Peruvian-Afro music with hit songs and tours nationwide, and a large local following. Naturally, Selvamonos founder Lionel Igersheim, from France, wanted…
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Sandboarding Huacachina, Peru
Where To Go Sandboarding? Action sport athletes get creative when they aren’t surrounded by their natural conditions. Surfers take to the streets to carve up pavement much like the water barrels off the coastline. Bikers will attempt to race on rocky, sandy or just about any outdoor surface you can…
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