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No neve? No problem: c'è il sandboarding!
Cos'è il "sandboarding"? Esattamente come ogni fiocco di neve, ogni granello di sabbia è unico. Visti al microscopio, i granelli sono diversi tra loro come lo sono gli abitanti della Terra l'uno dall'altro. E pensa che tutti gli elementi che si trovano nella sabbia della Terra si trovano anche negli…
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Sandboarding in Oregon
So what exactly is Sandboarding? Like the snow flake each grain of sand is unique. Viewed through a microscope the grains are as diverse as the people of the earth. Appropriately, all the elements found in the sand of the earth are also found in the people of the earth.  It's…
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Sandboarding Huacachina, Peru
Where To Go Sandboarding? Action sport athletes get creative when they aren’t surrounded by their natural conditions. Surfers take to the streets to carve up pavement much like the water barrels off the coastline. Bikers will attempt to race on rocky, sandy or just about any outdoor surface you can…
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