The Best Bars in Aspen: Elevated and Tipsy

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Where are the best bars in Aspen?

Aspen, Colorado provides the conventional action-sports seeking junky a year round experience of outdoor entertainment. Most known for its winter extreme sports extravaganzas, Aspen also delivers plenty of fun during the summer months. Countless slopes, trails and camping grounds await those looking for the ultimate outdoor experience. Despite some of the raddest things to do outside, it’s always nice to relax indoors… especially with a cold one. Let’s check out some of the go-to bars in Aspen, Colorado.

Cocktail Hour – Beautiful garnishes and a whole lotta spirits

Photo credit: Jimmy’s

Element 47

This oh-so popular cocktail bar and restaurant provides the best of food and wine that Aspen has to offer. It’s consistently one of the most popular spots for New Year’s Eve and is as friendly as it gets during the offseason.

If that’s not enough to check it out, just know that the cellar contains almost 20,000 bottles of wine. Stop in for a glass, a signature cocktail or gourmet French and Italian inspired dishes. In a seafood type of mood? Head upstairs for their famous selection in the raw bar.

Location: 2001, 675 E Durant Ave, Aspen
Hours: 7-10:30 am., 11:30 a.m. – 2 p.m., 6 – 10 p.m. Every Day

St. Regis Aspen Resort Chef’s Club

Run by award winning mixologist and bar director Anthony Bohlinger, St. Regis in the Aspen Resort delivers housemade ingredients in some of the best concoctions you will ever drink.

Their inventive cocktails match an astounding menu of culinary masterpieces made possible by their renowned Chefs Club. A select group of chefs swap terms throughout the year to present seasonally-inspired cuisine in a fun way. Grab a menu, sip on a cocktail and let the entertainment unfold.

Location: 315 E Dean St, Aspen
Hours: Contact (970) 920-3300


Aspen’s hometown favorite comes in the form of an American restaurant with unmatched style. The owner, Jimmy Yeager, has been able to cultivate a culture that invites drinkers, foodies and nightlife heads into a buzzin’ bar with views of the Ajax Mountain. Is your name Jimmy?

Make sure to sign the famous autograph wall to really make a stamp on your fun-filled memories. The bar delivers an incredible list of house cocktails and top-of-the-line spirits. Hope you like your drinks cold. Jimmy makes his own 300 lb. ice block then creates two-inch BFIC’s (Big Fu**ing Ice Cube) for your drink of choice.

The place is nothing short of a good time.

Location: 205 S Mill St, Aspen
Hours: 5:30 – 10 p.m. Every Day

Craft Beers – Support your local brewery and your taste buds

Photo credit: Hop’s Culture

Aspen Tap

Barrel-aged alcohol await craft beer drinkers who wander over to this year-round bar. Aspen Brewing Company supplies this awesome watering hole which serves award-winning beers as well as wine and cocktails.

The food menu provides quick-bites and even serves coffee and donuts at 8am if you really want to get going early!

Location: 121 S Galena St, Aspen
Hours: 8 a.m. – 12 p.m. Every Day

New Belgium Ranger Station

This Snowmass bar simply has the craft feel right when you walk in. Placed on the slopeside towards the end of the Mall, New Belgium Ranger Station serves guests with seasonal selections from the Fort Collins brewery.

Enjoy smooth and hoppy beers paired with incredible casual eats such as pretzel rolls and dipping sauces, buffalo chili and grilled cheese at this one-of-a-kind pub.

Location: 100 Elbert Ln #115, Snowmass Village
Hours: 11 a.m. – 10 p.m. Every Day

Hops Culture

This craft beer restaurant has been the talk of the town since its opening in 2014. Two hundred beers by the bottle, 30 on tap and one reason to stop by. Cold ones by the mountain-load. If you’re feelin’ like getting loose off the liquor after a few brews, choose from six variations of their house Moscow mules.

Nothing is more satisfying than food when your drunk and hungry. Simple yet hearty meals await those who scavenge over the menu for a quick-bite.

Location: 414 E Hyman Ave, Aspen
Hours: 11:30 a.m. – 11 p.m. Every Day

Dive Bars – Sleazy yet oh so fun

Photo credit: The Red Onion

Zane’s Tavern

Marketing themselves as “Where the Locals Go” can’t get much more divey than that. For over 20 years, Zane’s Tavern has been the number one fan of local sports leagues.

It only makes sense that this dive is the go-to spot for cheap drinks and sports games on their multiple televisions. With a pub-style menu and late-night hours, it’s easy to crave some wings and beer right about now.

Location: 308 S Hunter St #2, Aspen
Hours: 11 a.m. – 2 a.m.. Every Day

The Red Onion

Love history? Then the Red Onion is the spot to be during your next trip to Aspen. Established in 1892, Aspen’s oldest bar doesn’t disappoint. It was named to represent something that is unordinary, and that it is.

The red-brick facade and live music as well as its original detail brings newcomers right back to the 19th century. Microbrews on tap and dozens of snowboarders lining the bar gives a touch of a modern feel.

Locations: 420 E Cooper Ave, Aspen and 10 Village Square, Snowmass Village
Hours: 11 a.m. – 2 a.m. Every Day

Eric’s Bar

The ‘mi casa es su casa’ vibes really run rampant in this dive bar. It’s an incredibly popular spot to be late-night and has five pool tables and two shuffleboards to keep you entertained.

It’s also home to Aspen’s only public smoking lounge where a huge selection of liquor, wines, beer and cigars await those for a relaxing time. A tequila bar is attached with hispanic inspired drinks and food items.

Location: 315 E Hyman Ave, Aspen
Hours: 7 p.m. – 2 a.m. Every Day

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Feature image credit: Jeremy Swanson/Aspen Snowmass

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