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Big wave skier Chuck Patterson
Chuck Patterson talks about how he got into skiing down 60-foot waves and what the adrenaline makes him feel like Chuck Patterson is an action sports athlete, who loves the ocean, mountains and snow. Growing up in Tahoe, Chuck got into skiing and snowboarding at an early age. He's also…
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Ian Cairns Kanga Surfing Legend & Co-Founder of Surfing.com
Ian Cairns is the original power surfer, coach, entrepreneur and co-founder of World of Waves TV Show and Surfing.com.  Growing up surfing in Western Australia provided Ian Cairns otherwise known as Kanga as a 13 year old grom with the perfect training ground for the huge waves in Hawaii where…
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Bethany Hamilton documentary Unstoppable
The story behind Bethany Hamilton’s new film documentary - Unstoppable Originally meant to be a 6-12-minute mini doc of Bethany surfing, “Unstoppable”, Bethany Hamilton’s new documentary evolved into a tribute to perseverance, and strength. Synonymous with inspiration, courage and determination, the new feature highlights her ambition to compete at the…
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Pipeline Masters in December on the North shore, Oahu
As each calendar year comes to a close, people around the world look forward to the holiday season and all the festivities that come with it. But for true surfing fans, the month of December only means one thing. The Annual Billabong Pipeline Masters. Pipeline Overview Billabong Pipe Masters is…
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