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34 Ways Spongebob Perfectly Sums Up Your Feelings At Rise Festival

There is an old forgotten phrase, lost in the relentless turns of time. Words uttered in the ever long search for good times but now consigned to the depths as winter grows before our eyes.

The cold winds are starting to blow and a storm creeps upon the horizon. Those stolen few days burn brightly in orange slipping away into the darkness. For the chosen few, an awakening from within. You do not have to tell me winter is coming, for it never left, dear friend.

Now more than ever we must scale the twisting craggy roads, climbing beyond the clouds, to the paradise set before us at the top of the world, the party on top of the world. Dust off your dampened spirit and remember those forgotten that words simply read:

‘Are you ready kids?’

Ok, might have gotten a bit dramatic there but it’s time to get stoked for Rise Festival France and if anyone is known to have unquenchable enthusiasm it’s Spongebob Squarepants. Rise Festival is the epic new happening that has it all for skiiers, snowboarders, and party-lovers.  Set in the picturesque Alps of Southern France, this festival is loaded.  With over 100 marked runs, 200 kilometers of pisted skiing during the day, and bars, clubs, and VIP experiences at night, you’ll be too busy for things like writing your friends to tell them how awesome it is, instead relying purely on gifs to communicate.  To get you totally ready, we’re going to use Spongebob gifs to perfectly sum up your feelings towards Rise Festival in Les Deux Alpes, France.

1. When you’re just sitting waiting for Rise Festival France to arrive

2. Because you’ve already watched every single ski movie ever

3. Finally, today is the day

4. Everything is done, your boots and toothbrush are packed, and you’re ready to go

5. But one of your squad doesn’t ski, so they get left behind

6. One last obsessive check of the snow report

7. It’s a long drive but everyone sings all the way there because you’re too stoked not to

8. You’ve cheaped out on accommodation so you have to share a bed with your mate (maybe be cool and don’t follow Spongebob’s lead on this one)

9. You’re ready to go, but you’re not quite sure on all the snowboarder lingo

10. It’s the first morning, nothing but first lifts

11. Better loudly wake up the rest of the squad- gotta hit that fresh powder

13. It’s all just so exciting- you are READY

14. You can’t believe it’s a powder day (could it get any more perfect?)

15. Everything is so perfect, a veritable winter wonderland

16. You’re excited to hit the snow, but one of the squad isn’t that graceful

17. And goes down hard on their first attempt

18. Ruining the holiday with a trip to the medical centre (let’s hope this doesn’t happen, shall we?)

19. Feeling like a noob, you want the person you’ve just met to give you tips in the park

20. After a long day on the slopes, it’s finally time for apres and the squad have matching outfits

21. You’re on holiday so you buy all the drinks (money doesn’t count on vacation, right??)

22. You can’t believe how sunny it is in winter

23. And the fit snowboarder dude has his top off (if that’s what you’re into)

24. But the sun goes down you realise you didn’t bring a jacket (I mean, it’s Rise Festival and who dances in a jacket anyway?)

25. Gotta dance just to stay warm

26. Better make some dinner before heading back to the party

27. But you’re drunk so that doesn’t go quite right, whoops

28. When you sort the VIP wristbands to see Craig Charles

29. And it was mega

30. One problem, you didn’t make it home last night and you realise your ski boots have been on for 24 hours straight

31. And you don’t remember the people you met last night

32. Plus your ski pants are ripped

33. And you haven’t worn make up for 5 days now

34. But you get out on the mountain for one last run before you have to get home anyway.  Your mantra, as always? “I’M READY”

Ok, now that you have a full range of Spongebob gifs to appropriately express your emotions towards the Rise Festival, bookmark this page and save them for the festival.  As if Skiing and partying weren’t enough, the Rise Festival also offers dog-sledding, mountain yoga, ice skating or paragliding.  Oh and did I mention the secret adventure parties that are invite only after hiking up the mountain on foot?  If you do all that you might not even be able to send a gif.  Intrigued? Book travel to Rise Festival France and get even more info over on our event page.  Book tickets on the Rise Festival site (just £179 for six days of lift tickets and festival entrance). Whatever your taste for adventure, stick with us at Rad Season for all your adrenaline-junkie needs.  What are you waiting for? Aye Aye, Captain!

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Eliot Prince

Eliot can’t bare being anywhere else but on the snow when the lifts start whirring every winter, in fact summer is a scary prospect. First taught to ski by a Swiss farmer, he has gone on to work ski seasons in Europe and New Zealand. Despite living in constant winter for a while, making beds, pouring pints and fitting ski boots still meant missing powder days. Now combining industry expertise and journalism training he produces content for ski companies all over the world; never missing the opportunity for fresh tracks. You will always find him in a mountainous area come winter.


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