Outdoor Adventures: Jeff McKee

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Jeff McKee, a professional wakeboarder, wakesurfer, hydrofoil rider and outdoor adventures enthusiast 

In this episode, Oli Russell-Cowan chats to pro wakeboarder Jeff McKee. He specializes in water entertainment taking the buzz of ‘lake life’ to the next level. 

Growing up in Orlando, Jeff had the ideal stomping ground to get into water sports. He now lives in Charleston, SC and takes his family out on the water at least once a day. When his twins were 2 years old, they wouldn’t stay in the boat while he went surfing. So they joined him for a ride, on his shoulders!

Jeff is the Co-Founder of AdventureIO, an app where you can find next-level outdoor adventures hosted by verified pro athletes and local experts. Being a Professional Athlete for Slingshot Wakeboards, he is also their brand manager. For Jeff, it’s all about adventure inspiration and spending time outdoors with his family and friends.

Tune in for some of his best adventures, worst moments and off the beaten path activities.

Watch the live chat on July 21!

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