Making History At X Games Sydney

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First-ever X Games competition in Australia brings barrier-breaking performances.

The history of the X Game goes all the way back to 1997, but it took 20 years for the action sports extravaganza to drop in on the Land Down Under. Arriving at Sydney’s Spotless Stadium in October, there were no shortage of firsts.

X Games Sydney Day 1

Firing things up on the first day of competition, 11-year-old Keefer Wilson distinguished himself as the second youngest competitor in X Games history. Participating in the Skateboard Big Air Qualifier, he ultimately finished seven and didn’t make the final cut, but he did give the world a very clear picture of what the future of Big Air may look like. Rony Gomes took the top Big Air Skateboard qualification spot, while Douglas Oliveira claimed the number one position in the Big Air BMX qualification.

BMX Street Final

Things heated up on Day 1 in the first final of X Games Sydney. Going into the BMX Street Final, the smart money was on accomplished pro and past gold medalist Garrett Reynold, but out of nowhere Scotland’s Alex Donnachie stepped up and stole the show. Not only was it a massive upset, with the win Donnachie became Scotland’s first-ever medalist. Keeping the the hometown stoked, Sydney’s Lewis Mills, the youngest competitor in the field, stepped up his game in the final to earn the silver medal. Reynolds was relegated to the bronze medal.

Alex Donnachie wins Gold, Lewis Mills Silver and Devon Smillie Bronze at X Games Sydney BMX Street.

Skateboard Street Women’s Final

For the ladies, the final of the Women’s Skateboard Street competition looked a lot like what went down at X Games Minneapolis. Mariah Duran, Leticia Bufoni and Aori Nishimura all earned back-to-back medals. Duran, the reigning gold medalist, took the top spot early, with a first run score of 89.00, and never looked back.

Mariah Duran wins Gold, Silver for Leticia Bufoni and Aori Nishimura gets Bronze at X Games Sydney Women’s Skateboard Street.

X Games Sydney Day 1 Results

Skateboard Street Women’s Final

1. Mariah Duran, 89.00 (USA)
2. Leticia Bufoni, 88.00 (BRA)
3. Aori Nishimura, 82.00 (JPN)
4. Pamela Rosa, 80.00 (BRA)
5. Alexis Sablone, 77.00 (USA)
6. Hayley Wilson, 72.00 (AUS)
7. Candy Jacobs, 71.33 (NED)
8. Liv Lovelace, 71.00 (AUS)
9. Nanaka Fujisawa, 56.33 (JPN)
10. Aimee Massie, 46.00 (AUS)

Gold – Mariah Duran
Silver – Leticia Bufoni
Bronze – Aori Nishimura

BMX Street Final

1. Alex Donnachie, 84.33 (SCO)
2. Lewis Mills, 84.00 (AUS)
3. Garrett Reynolds, 83.33 (USA)
4. Devon Smillie, 82.66 (USA)
5. Chad Kerley, 82.33 (USA)
6. Dennis Enarson, 82.00 (USA)
7. Bruno Hoffman, 81.66 (GER)
8. Sean Ricany, 80.33 (USA)
9. Dakota Roche, 73.33 (USA)
10. Courage Adams, 61.66 (NGR)

Gold – Alex Donnachie
Silver – Lewis Mills
Bronze – Devon Smillie

BMX Big Air Qualifier

1. Douglas Oliveira, 74.33 (BRA)
2. Alex Landeros, 71.66 (USA)
3. Jaie Toohey, 71.00 (AUS)
4. Anthony Napolitan, 69.00 (USA)
5. Andy Buckworth, 67.00 (AUS)
6. Matt Whyatt, 64.00 (AUS)
7. Todd Meyn, 0.00 (AUS)

Skateboard Big Air Qualifier

1. Rony Gomes, 81.66 (BRA)
2. Asher Bradshaw, 77.00 (USA)
3. Toby Ryan, 74.00 (USA)
4. Evan Doherty, 64.00 (USA)
5. Xander Newell, 58.33 (USA)
6. Beaver Fleming, 56.66 (USA)
7. Keefer Wilson, 53.00 (AUS)
8. Justin Rivera, 37.66 (USA)
9. Marcelo Bastos, 30.66 (BRA)
10. Tas Pappas, 30.00 (AUS)

BMX Dirt Qualifier

1. Pat Casey, 77.00 (USA)
2. Dawid Godziek, 76.66 (POL)
3. Leandro Moreira, 76.33 (BRA)
4. Jake Leiva, 75.00 (USA)
5. Mike Hucker Clark, 74.33 (USA)
6. Ben Wallace, 73.00 (GBR)
7. Andy Buckworth, 71.00 (AUS)
8. Jacob Bailey, 61.66 (USA)
9. Paul Langlands, 60.66 (NZL)
10. James Foster, 56.00 (USA)
11. Alex Nikulin, 50.00 (RUS)
12. Chris James, 46.66 (AUS)
13. Jaie Toohey, 37.33 (AUS)

Photos credit: Oli Russell-Cowan

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