Rad Stay: eXtreme Hotel, Cabarete, Dominican Republic

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The eXtreme Hotel in Dominican Republic

Have you ever wanted to travel to a tropical paradise? Stay in a hotel that offers extreme activities and offers great rooms? eXtreme Hotel located in the beautiful city of Cabarete, is where you want to start your next tropical adventure. Cabarete is located on the jungle like lush green island of the Dominican Republic.

I had the pleasure of visiting this adventurous eXtreme hotel, and was able to experience some of the fun activities they offer onsite. They offer a few different activities on the property of eXtreme Hotel.

eXtreme Circus

The first rad activity I was able to see and learn about was eXtreme Circus. eXtreme Circus is a small circus arena with a newly remodelled canopy top, located near the back side of eXreme Hotel property. I tried a few tricks on the Lyra while spinning around and hanging upside down with help from the proud owner of eXtreme Circus, Gregory Tiwald.

Hanging and spinning in a metal hoop may look easy, but is truly a skill and takes some serious core strength. You are able to try a few different activities in the eXtreme Circus area. The Flying Trapeze and Silks are a couple you can try if you want some good stretching and calorie burning. If you are not into heights though, you can try the Lyra and Rope (Corde Lisse) which is still a lot of fun, just without being so high up in the air.

Hanging around at the eXtreme Circus

Zendo Fitness Center

I then moved on and was able to check out the Zendo Fitness Center. This is one seriously cool gym! Also happens to be the leader when it comes to Dominican Republic gyms on the North Coast. The Zendo Fitness Center is an open-air, environmentally friendly dojo gym.

They offer personal sessions, training/ fitness classes, nutritional counselling and physical coaching. Plus they offer eXtreme Fitness camps such as weight loss, boot camp, and tropical fitness holidays. “Living in sync with the environment” is their mantra, and it fits perfect with the unique style and way they run and operate this gym.

Zendo Fitness participants enjoying some personal training. Photo credit: eXteme Hotel

Yoga Loft

Situated right next to the other eXtreme activities, sits the Yoga Loft. Situated on the second floor in an open air style yoga room with beautiful hard wooden floors and a breathtaking view overlooking Kite Beach.

The open air design and concept allows for maximum amount of light, and the Caribbean breeze keeping the loft cool and acting as a natural air conditioner to keep you cool during those sweaty and mind cleansing yoga classes. They offer year around Yoga retreats, daily group classes, private classes as well as massages.

I had the pleasure of taking some personal acroyoga lessons from the amazing duo who teach and inspire Yoga and AcroYoga around the globe, Nicholas Coolridge (Moderntarzan) and Dana Arnold. The fun we had in a brief period of time was unreal. They showed up how to stretch some, then get flipped around like a rag doll by a professional and still feel great after doing it. I fell in love with AcroYoga and the amazing things our bodies can do.

The Yoga Loft is also available for rent if interested in joining eXtreme Collectives and host your own Yoga retreat. (All operational and logistical needs will be taken care if you rent the Yoga Loft.)

I am doing some AcroYoga for the first time with @Moderntarzan.

Kite lounge

Lastly, is the amazing and fantastic Kite Lounge. In partnership with GoKite, Kite Lounge is an onsite eXtreme Hotel one stop-shop for all of your water beach activities. The Kite Lounge offers personal training as well as all the rentals and equipment needed to go Kitesurfing.

The instructors and lessons offer the one-on-one teaching and optimized attention needed to learn the sport comfortably and at your own speed. Whether you are new to the sport, or a total novice the born and raised Dominican instructors will teach you everything you need to know to take the Caribbean waters and ride the waves.

I did not have a chance to personally try to learn as they recommend at least 4 hours to learn and give it a trial on the waters. I did get some amazing photos of them in action and oh it was so much fun to watch and see how they do in person. The gear and the way you are attached to the kite is so impressive. It takes some strength to hold yourself upright in motion along the waves as the current and winds change direction so quickly sometimes. Won’t stop me though, next time I visit the eXtreme Hotel, I will make sure to get some lessons and at least have the skills to kitesurf in the future.

Kite Beach with people about to go live and into training

If you are looking for a tropical getaway and wanting to include some adrenaline fuelled activities into your schedule then look no further than eXtreme Hotel in Dominican Republic.

You can find them on Instagram @extremehotels and more information on their website.

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