Top 5 Adventure Events in the Caribbean

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The Most Epic Adventures In the Caribbean

Great climate, entertainment, and action are the perfect ingredients for an amazing adventure and what better place to find all these elements than the Caribbean.

The Caribbean is known for offering amazing opportunities; especially for adrenaline junkies who want thrilling activities that will leave them with a lingering feeling of excitement after they return home. There’s no limit to the amount of activities that you can participate in; however, here are 5 guaranteed ways to enjoy yourself in the Caribbean.

1. Appleton Special Dream Weekend Festival, Jamaica

Appleton Special Dream Weekend festival in Negril, Jamaica offers a truly exciting experience for partygoers and adventure lovers alike in one of the most idyllic spots in the Caribbean.

The annual weeklong events feature pulsating music and a huge selection of beverages that are perfect for setting the party vibe. Each event provides thrill-seekers with a unique experience; from the water party, star-filled concert, red and white party, mixology, and more.

Most of the events come all-inclusive with food and beverages so that attendees can eat and drink all they want.

If partying for 18 hours every day is not enough to keep you down, nearby resorts and hotels like the Negril cliff hotels offer amazing water activities, such as snorkelling or diving under the watchful of eye of a trained lifeguard.

The area offers endless opportunities for visitors to engage in the most invigorating ventures between parties. Revellers generally include young people from all over the world, who are dressed scantily to match the tropical climate.

2. Makka Pro Surfing Competition, Jamaica

Every year over 20,000 surfers make their way to Makka Pro in Southaven, Yallahs St Thomas to ride the playful waves and compete with patrons from around the world.

The surfing competition has established itself over the last 10 years for delivering excitement and enjoyment to competitors and spectators alike.

The event typically begins with junior surfers competing across four gruelling rounds in order to get to the final with the best surfers. Sports lovers throughout South America, other Caribbean islands, and the US, all flock Makka Beach to witness the surfers in action while enjoying snow cones, cappuccinos, and slushes.

A large food court provides a wide selection of local dishes prepared with delicious energy-boosting ingredients to keep the surfers energetic. Makka Beach also makes perfect accommodations for kitesurfing, windsurfing, and bodyboarding, among other sports.

Fins out at Makka Pro Surfing Competition, Jamaica

3. Barbados Historic Rally Carnival, Barbados

Expect amazing entertaining motorsports that will leave you sitting on the edge of your seat when you attend Barbados Historic Rally Carnival. The event has evolved significantly over the last fifteen years, incorporating newer exciting activities while maintaining the tropical allure of the Caribbean.

The festival takes place over a two week period, starting with the RallySprint at Vaucluse Raceway. Racers are generally very competitive and their fans very supportive.

The Tarmac Rally takes place on the second week and is just as invigorating and competitive as the RallySprint.

The carnival also features a number of activities for non-motor enthusiasts who are attending the event with family or simply people who are looking to have some fun away from the track. Some of these activities include: island tours, beach parties, party cruises, and fun days.

Barbados Historic Rally Carnival

4. Fat Tyre Festival, Jamaica

The Jamaica Fat Tyre Festival is a week long mountain biking event designed to highlight Jamaica’s vibrant culture, unique geography and great trails!

Started in the mid 1990’s in Negril, since 2007 the event has been organized by Singletrack Jamaica – the island’s premiere mountain bike tour specialist.

Riders can expect steep, challenging trails which twist and turn their way through rural communities on Jamaica’s North Coast and in the Blue Mountains. Even better, nearly every ride ends at a beach! The event offers a truly amazing opportunity for anyone who wants to experience first hand what life is like in rural Jamaica.

Jungle line at Fat Tyre Festival, Jamaica 

5. Aruba Hi-Winds Tournament, Aruba

With flat shorelines and 15-20-knot trade winds, Aruba offers the perfect conditions for kiteboarding and windsurfing. The Aruba Hi-Winds Tournament is one of the many events that attracts people to the island from all over Latin America, the US, Europe, and the Caribbean.

The 9 day entertainment filled event, which is held at the Fisherman’s Huts, features exciting kiteboarding and windsurfing competitions. Professionals and amateurs alike, who are simply just looking to have a good time, can immerse themselves into the different activities.

Activities typically involve freestyle surfing, long distance windsurfing races, slalom, freestyle kiteboarding, and long-distance kiteboarding races among others.

Aruba Hi-Winds Tournament 

The Caribbean offers much more than clear skies, sunny beaches and crystal waters. From classic surface water sports like surfing huge waves to invigorating land adventures in awe-inspiring mountains, you’ll find a number of opportunities there to keep you active.

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