Mountain Biking Events

From remote single-track runs in the mountains to high profile downhill races at Crankworx Whistler in BC, Canada, mountain biking is a lot of things to a lot of people.

At its most extreme, events like Red Bull Rampage in Virgin, Utah take the sport to a ridiculously dramatic level. There’s no room for error, which sometimes result in bone crushing crashes. The Crankworx series is a favorite of anyone that’s participated over the years. And when it comes to culture, happenings like the World Masters Games in New Zealand and the Sea Otter Classic in California are too fun to think about missing. Let be your guide to the world of mountain biking.

UCI Mountain Bike World Cup Finals 2017
Val di Sole, Commezzadura, Italy
25 Aug  - 27 Aug, 2017
The Redback MTB Stage Race 2017
Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia
17 Aug  - 20 Aug, 2017
Audi Power Of Four Mountain Bike 2017
Aspen Snowmass, Colorado, United States
06 Aug, 2017
Glemmride Bike Festival Saalbach 2017
Saalbach-Hinterglemm, Austria
06 Jul  - 09 Jul, 2017
Big Mountain Enduro Aspen Snowmass
Snowmass, CO, United States
29 Jul  - 30 Jul, 2017
No Chain Dual Slalom & Dirt OL-Jam Vol.2
Bike Park Olomouc, Czech Republic
22 Apr, 2017
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Mountain Biking History

Interestingly enough, one of the earliest recorded mentions of Mountain Biking was for military purposes. The Swiss military used mountain bikes to cross rough terrain in the country as early as 1891, and in the United States the so-called Buffalo Soldiers of the US Army used mountain bikes shortly thereafter to quickly cover ground in the West before there were roads in much of it. That off-roading spirit is central to Mountain Biking today.

In the early to mid 1900’s, as bicycles became more common in households across the United States, more specialized bicycles were developed, and the first bicycles designed for cross-country bicycling were born. In 1966 an inventor by the name of D. Gwynn built an off-road bike he dubbed a “Mountain Bicycle,” which was likely the first use of the term. As time went on and the sport slowly grew, more and more specialized bikes were developed. Manufacturers used parts similar to BMX bikes, mass production ensued, and by the 90’s the sport had gone mainstream.

Today there are several different types of Mountain Biking competitions. There are cross country on or off trail long hauls, enduro races up and down mountains, fast-paced downhill races (often on ski slopes in the summer), mixed style free-riding, and pretty much every combination of man, bike, and terrain you can imagine. There’s always an event going on in the world of MTB- popular mountain biking events on deck include the crowd-pleasing Crankworx series, the death-defying Red Bull Rampage and the Mountain Bike World Championships.

Ever since the first brave soul dared to take his bicycle up to the top of a mountain ride it down, mountain biking has attracted thrill seekers worldwide. However, when you add steep slopes, rocks and trees there’s always the potential for broken bones, so stay safe and avoid mountain biking injury (as rad as scars are) by playing it as safe as possible. All you need is a bike and the great outdoors (and a helmet!!) and you’re in business. Get out there and find it with Rad Season.



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