Yanshui Fireworks Festival 2024

5:00pm 23 Feb - 11:30pm 24 Feb, 2024

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Yanshui, Taiwan

Yanshui Fireworks Festival 2024: Huge crowds run towards, not away from, towers of exploding fireworks at Taiwan’s most legendary cultural festival.

Listed as one of the top three major folklore festivals in the world, the event launches fireworks into the crowd. Legend has it that the fireworks originated near the end of the 19th century during the Qing Dynasty.  There was a plague, so the terrified locals prayed to the Holy Ruler Deity Guan, and asked him for help. The deity replied that on the night of Lantern Festival Day, the deity would parade through the streets of Yanshui, Taiwan and followers must set off firecrackers as they trailed behind the deity’s holy sedan chair.

Every Lantern Festival night, the holy sedan chair slowly parades through the streets of Yanshui, surrounded by followers and visitors. When the sedan chair passes the doorways of stores and residences, racks of fireworks are lit, sending firecrackers flying everywhere.

Local people believe that after running through the flying fireworks they get rid of bad luck and have a great new year.

On the first night, at the Emperor Guan Temple, the holy sedan chair departs from the temple and paraded through Yanshui. Followers along the way set off firework racks in front of their doorways.

On the second evening, the holy sedan chair parades through the entire district, and followers along the way set off beehive fireworks, while later that second night at Yanshui Junior High, the main firework rack is set up on the sports field of Yanshui Junior High. A large quantity of beehive fireworks are lit simultaneously for participants to experience the excitement of “running through the beehive fireworks”.

‘Watch thousands of fireworks up close while taking part in an exhilarating run through a night long shower of firecrackers.’

This is a truly thrilling experience for the brave, as fireworks literally shower down on spectators. Special helmets, clothes and gloves are required.

Where does the Yanshui Fireworks Festival take place?

Yanshui is a small town, situated in northern Tainan City,Taiwan.

How to get around Yanshui

The Tainan Airport is the closest airport to Yanshui.

Take a train to Xinying Yanshui Train Station, then take a bus from the station to Yanshui district where the fireworks will be set off.

Hire car and ridesharing are available as well as a local taxi service. Exit at Xinying interchange and head towards Yanshui, drive west along county highway No.172 for approx. 2.6 km.

Where to stay for the Yanshui Fireworks Festival

There are hotels, hostels, homestays, Airbnb’s and many other accomodation options in the district, ranging from budget to luxury in style.

OHYA Boutique Motel in Xinying has spacious room and comfortable beds, breakfast is included.

The Starway Wufeng Hotel is located in Jiujiang (Lushan), close to Tianhua Palace, Yanshui Pavilion and Suojiang Tower. It contains fine dressed linen beds, and features gardens with picnic areas, concierge facilities and breakfast.

Things to do in Yanshui

Taiwan is known for its mountains and the closest to Yanshui is Mount Lu. It is one of the hundreds of steep peaks that tower above a sea of clouds that encompass the mountains for almost 200 days out of the year. Mount Lu is known for its grandeur, steepness, and beauty, and is part of Lushan National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996, and a prominent tourist attraction, especially during the summer months when the weather is cooler.

The Lushan Tribe Forest Museum is the most well-conserved mid and low altitude mixed species forest in Taiwan.  Museum director Aliman and his tribal friends have been systematically protecting the forests, especially the precious giant Banyan trees.

They hold environment protection and culture reconstruction educational activities, cross-tribal events, tribal stays, outdoor spiritual workshops and ecological tours. Also, a Jackie Chan movie was made there.

Firework Festival 2024 Dates

Next year the dates for the Lantern Festival in Taiwan are February 23-24, 2024

Taiwan Travel Tips:

Plan ahead: Book your perfect trip with our Taiwan travel guide and destination information. Does Taiwan require a visa? Check the visa requirements before you get caught up during your travel.

Spend money wisely: Take public transport and dine in from time to time are common saving tips during traveling. How to spend money wisely in Taiwan? Make use of technology. There’s an app for everything.

Accommodation near Yanshui Fireworks Festival 2024

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  1. 卓丹羽 says:

    Hello everyone, I am Dano from 嬉遊境空間構築工作室 – Diverting Scenes studio. One of the most representative religious event of Taiwan will be held in 30 days – Yanshui Beehive fireworks festival. And it is also the third largest folk celebration in the world. Welcome to set up a trip to join with us!
    Below film is a documentary which we made and be nominated by InTainan film award 2017.

    Event will be held on 7th-8th Feb. 2020.
    Our studio provide private experiential tour(2 days/ 1 day) with bilingual guide, if you are interesting about this festival, please feel free to send me the message.

    Thank you 🙂

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