Wasteland Weekend 2022

7:00am 28 Sep - 11:30pm 02 Oct, 2022

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Wasteland City, California

Wasteland Weekend 2022: The World’s Biggest Post-Apocalyptic Festival Held In California

The Wasteland Weekend is the world’s ultimate post-apocalyptic gathering, one that is deeply inspired by the legendary Mad Max films. Join thousands of others who come to celebrate life at the end of civilization, with outlandish activities, elaborate and freaky costumes, and insane parties incorporating iconic elements of post-apocalyptic pop culture.

‘This is your chance to see what it’s like to live in a dystopian world for five entire days, with themed festival grounds taken straight out of the best films and video games that have inspired the renaissance in all of us.’

Your experience at Wasteland Weekend

The adults-only event will take place in a fenced-off area located in the Southern California Mojave Desert. There will be live bands and DJs, stunt and combat performers, fire dancers, post-apocalyptic style shows, wasteland burlesque, and of course, Jugger; the number one post-apocalyptic blood sport of the future!

Coming in your best costume is part of the festival requirements, so it’s time to get creative with dystopian fashion. The dirtier your outfit, the better! The event is completely themed, so make sure you read up on the event theme guide.

Welcome to Wasteland Weekend, welcome to the end of the world.

Where to watch Wasteland Weekend

Wasteland Weekend will take place in private desert property owned by Wasteland, located in Edwards, California.

Buy tickets

There is only one type of ticket available for the entire duration of the five-day festival, and you must be 18 years old and above to purchase tickets.

Wasteland Weekend History

The very first festival was a Mad Max fan event known as Roadwar USA, held in 2004, It was an impressive gathering of Mad Max fans who came cruising down the scenic California 101 freeway in replica vehicles.

Organizer Karol Bartoszynski really wanted a much more immersive environment in the desert for Mad Max fans, and after several evolutions of Roadwar over the years, Wasteland Weekend was finally born.

How to get around Edwards

The festival grounds are an off-road vehicle area, and most attendees prefer to bring their own cars; it just makes everything much more convenient.

When exploring nearby Los Angeles, there are several great ways to get around the city. These include the Metro Rail System, buses, car rentals, and Uber. When you have some downtime, take the scenic route by hiring a bicycle to see the coastline.

Where to stay for Wasteland Weekend

The event encourages themed campsites, although it isn’t required. Many attendees opt to sleep in their cars. Camping will be included in ticket prices, with designated areas for encampments, just find your preferred spot and set up camp. There will also be plenty of portable toilets around.

Otherwise, you can book lodging in hotels just 20 minutes away from the festival grounds. 

Things to do in Edwards

After the festival, drive off to Los Angeles and explore the California City of Angels. Located just an hour and a half away from the festival grounds, Los Angeles is home to more attractions for pop culture fans and film buffs than you can shake a stick at.

The cream of the crop of these include Disneyland, Universal Studios Hollywood, the Universal Walk of Fame, TCL Chinese Theater, and Paramount Pictures Studios.

Enjoy the iconic Los Angeles lifestyle by cruising down Venice Beach, the Santa Monica Pier, and Zuma Beach. LA’s nightlife and street food is worth checking out: there’s something for everyone, from glitzy rooftop bars, craft beer breweries, tons of live bands, and charming dive bars.

Wasteland Weekend 2022 Dates

The 12th Wasteland festival takes place on September 28 – October 2, 2022. 

Photo Credit: Wasteland Weekend

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Accommodation near Wasteland Weekend 2022

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