Samhuinn Fire Parade 2024

7:00pm - 11:00pm 31 Oct, 2024
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Edinburgh, Scotland

Samhuinn Fire Parade 2024: Edinburgh’s Most Unique Halloween Event

Samhuinn Fire Parade is Edinburgh’s annual Halloween celebration. Bringing the Celtic New Year to a modern audience, the unique celebration, hosted by the Beltane Fire Society, is one of the city’s biggest winter festivals. The totally immersive festival allows you to wander through otherworldly creatures and witness a spectacular, fiery display of storytelling.

“Samhuinn Fire Parade is a modern interpretation of the Celtic New Year”

Photo Credit: About Scotland

Your experience at Samhuinn 2024

The Samhuinn Fire Parade brings a Celtic tradition to life through a live showcase of the dramatic stand-off between the summer and winter Kings. The performance is brought to life by fire dancing, acrobatics, wild drumming and of course, vibrant costumes. Volunteer performers ultimately decide the ‘fate’ of each king in the festival.

Edinburgh’s spectacular Winter festival returns with a live parade to celebrate the Celtic ritual of Samhuinn, putting a fiery twist on Halloween night. Witness the dramatic battle between the seasons up close, brought to life by a mix of fire, drumming, acrobatics, and immersive theatre. Details will be released to those who have registered in advance.

Samhuinn 2024 Tickets

There is a £5 registration to come along and watch the event which goes towards safety and supporting the Beltane Fire Society who put on the festival.  

Best views

The Samhuinn Fire Festival takes place at Calton Hill in Edinburgh, Scotland.

How to get around Edinburgh

The city of Edinburgh can easily be navigated on foot, as well as via public transport. The nearest airport is Edinburgh Airport, located approximately 8 miles from the city centre. Upon arrival, visitors can travel to the city centre via public transport as well as private transfers.

Airport transfers are the fastest and most comfortable way to travel between the airport and the city centre. Transfers start at 33 pounds for a four-seat car or 43 pounds for an eight-seater.

The Airlink bus is one of the most popular ways to travel to the city. Single tickets start at 4.50 pounds and the 24-hour service takes approximately 25 minutes to reach the city centre. Local bus services on routes 35 and N22 also operate between the airport and city centre.

Public buses are the best and easiest way to get around the city of Edinburgh. The main bus companies that operate throughout the city are ‘Lothian’ and ‘First’, with Lothian being the dominant operator. Single journey tickets start at 1.60 pounds; however, the best option is to purchase a Lothian day-ticket.

Edinburgh trams also operate throughout the city, with 15 stops connecting Edinburgh Airport to the New Town.

Photo Credit: Richard P Winpenny & This is Edinburgh

Where to stay in Edinburgh

The city of Edinburgh offers several different districts. Areas such as The Royal Mile and New Town are recommended for first-time visitors. Both districts offer a range of attractions such as the Scottish Parliament and Edinburgh Castle, as well as a range of stunning architecture.

A range of accommodation options are also available within walking distance of the event. Popular nearby options include the Holiday Inn Express Edinburgh City Centre, Apex Waterloo Place Hotel and The Balmoral Hotel. You can explore a range of nearby options on the map below. 

Things to do in Edinburgh

Edinburgh features a number of spectacular historical attractions; all within a short distance from each other. The Edinburgh Castle is an 11thcentury fortress, which makes up the Edinburgh city skyline, and offers breathtaking city views from the top. Nearby, you can also find Princes Street Gardens, the Scottish National Gallery and a range of popular museums.

Across the city, the home of the fire festival, Calton Hill, also offers a panoramic view of Edinburgh and all its attractions. A similar peak can be found at Arthur’s Seat, which also features running and hiking trails.

Photo credit: Edinburgh Castle

If you are staying in the heart of the city, make sure to explore the old town, a bustling area filled with historical buildings and attractions; and home to many popular pubs and restaurants. Nearby, you can also find Princes Street, the major shopping district of Edinburgh.

 Samhuinn Fire Parade 2024 Dates

The Samhuinn Fire Festival is an annual Halloween celebration that takes place on the 31st of October, 2024.

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Accommodation near Samhuinn Fire Parade 2024

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