Mount Marathon Race Seward 2024

12:00am - 6:00pm 04 Jul, 2024

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Seward, Alaska

Mount Marathon Race Seward 2024 : Make memories while racing to the top of Mount Marathon in Seward’s Mount Marathon Race

One of the six must do mountain running races, runner’s race to the top of Mount Marathon, 906 meters (2,974feet) above sea level, and back in a 5k return (3.1 miles). In an effort to reduce environmental harm, the race has a limited number of runner allowed. To be allowed to enter, you have to fit into one of several slots, veteran racers who have completed the prerequisite number of races, prior year registered runners who have not completed the prerequisite number of races but have a waiver and current year special invitation.

The rest of the slots are filled by a lottery or auction. This race is among the oldest in America and is extremely dangerous because of the steepness and the loose gravel and rocks on the racecourse.

“On July 4th, the sleepy town of Seward comes alive for the annual Mt. Marathon race. There are participants from all over Alaska and the lower 48. It’s like a party atmosphere with vendors selling food and other items and the local churches and organizations selling food as fund raisers.”

Where is Mount Marathon

The Marathon takes place in Seward, Alaska. If you are not participating in the race, most spectators hang out around the start or finish lines to cheer the runners on.

How to get around Seward

Seward, Alaska is a pretty small town so once you are there, it’s easy to go by foot or taxi. There are various affordable ways to get to Seward.

Train, car, even a cruise ship, but the most affordable, environmental, scenic and just plain easy way is by bus. The busses are modern and comfortable – they even have toilets!

Where to stay for the Mount Marathon

There is a large range of accommodation available for all types of budgets. However, be aware that because of the high demand due to the race and the holiday – places sell out quickly and prices are generally higher.

If you are looking to pamper yourself the night before and/or after the race, there are luxury hotels or if you are pinching pennies there are a handful of campgrounds.

Head to the map below for the best hotel deals and apartments in Seward Alaska.

Things to do in Seward

Seward is a beautiful place to visit, not just for the race. You have to take the wildlife cruise into the fjords for an unforgettable experience. You can hang out and go for a ride with the dogs on a dog sled tour, take a helicopter ride to the glacier and walk through an ice cave.

Try your luck at gold panning or go kayaking to get up close and personal to the glaciers. If you got lucky with gold panning, take a whale watching cruise and keep your eyes open for killer whales as well as grey whales. There are tons of hiking trails with indescribable views.

Seward’s Mount Marathon Race 2024 Dates

The Mt Marathon takes place on July 4, 2024. 

Seward’s Mount Marathon Race will surely test your physical and mental capabilities and strength. If you can endure this race you’ll have bragging rights to one of America’s toughest racecourses.

Photo Credit: Seward’s Mount Marathon Race

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Accommodation near Mount Marathon Race Seward 2024

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  1. Sharlene Lundal says:

    Is it ON July 4 in the middle of the week?

    1. Oli Russell-Cowan says:

      Hi Sharlene, at the moment it’s scheduled for the 4th July.

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