Kings Day 2022

8:00am 26 Apr - 10:00pm 28 Apr, 2022
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Amsterdam, Netherlands

Kings Day: Celebrate The King’s Birthday In The Netherlands

An event that should be high on any traveler’s bucket list, experience the canal and cannabis capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam, during the countrywide celebration of Kings Day. Kings Day or Kongigsday in Dutch, sees the city turn orange, with revelers from across the globe exploring the flea-markets, street food, drink stalls, boat parties and partying all night, all day and all night again, many party-goers say the night before Kings Day, King’s Night, is much more fun.

Join the hundreds of thousands of people who descend on Amsterdam and dressed in your finest orange, crawl from pub to pub celebrating the King’s birthday, stopping only to dance to the live music playing in all the mains squares.

Photo Credit: I amsterdam

Best views of Kings Day

All across the streets and canals of Amsterdam. You can explore the city by foot, wandering around the flea-markets and food stalls or, hop on a party boat or barge and cruise the canals, enjoying overlooking the crowded madness of the streets, with a nice cold drink and party atmosphere.

Where To stay in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is full of great hostels but surrounding King’s Day these book up months in advance, and become very expensive.

Photo Credit: I amsterdam

How to get around Amsterdam

Amsterdam is super easy to fly to from any capital city in Europe, with most flights running daily. Once you arrive at the airport, there are trains every 15 minutes to the center of town.

Otherwise, the Dutch capital belongs to the accessible train network that operates around Europe, or for the cheapest option search for inter-country buses.

When you find yourself in central Amsterdam there’s a very efficient public transport system with metro lines, buses, trains and trams.

Photo Credit: I amsterdam

Things to do in Amsterdam

After a day and two nights of non-stop celebration, it’d be understandable to just want to crawl up in bed and sleep. But Amsterdam’s such a beautiful, culturally and historically rich city it really is a waste to not spend some time exploring the narrow, cobbled streets of the red light district, tasting the many Dutch delicacies such as stroopwafels; chocolate; cheese; and bitterballen, visiting museums like the Anne Frank Haus and hanging out at some of the coffee shops and bars in Amsterdam, where the clientele go for anything but a coffee.

Netherlands Travel Tips:

Plan ahead: Book your perfect trip with our Netherlands travel guide and destination information. Does Netherlands require a visa? Check the visa requirements before you get caught up during your travel.

Stay safe: Even the best-laid plans can head south. battleface can help you stay safe in dangerous or hostile situations as well as that epic road trip or catching a few waves. How to stay safe during Kings Day 2022? If you’re not covered for your trip yet, get your quote here.

Spend money wisely: Take public transport and dine in from time to time are common saving tips during traveling. How to spend money wisely in Netherlands? Make use of technology. There’s an app for everything.

Accommodation near Kings Day 2022

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