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10:00am 25 Aug - 11:30pm 02 Sep, 2024
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Black Rock City, Nevada

Burning Man 2024: Back to Black Rocky City

At the end of August, thousands of people from all over the world gather in the Nevada desert at Black Rock City to be a part of the Burning Man festival, one of the best festivals in August from around the world

The event first started in 1986, on Baker Beach near San Francisco. Along with 20 people, Harvey and Jerry set fire to an 8-foot tall wooden sculpture of a man. Later in 1990, they have moved the festival from the beach to a desert. And now, around seventy thousand people from America and all over the world attend this exciting event. 

People often confuse it for a festival, but it is not wrong to say that:

Burning Man is actually a temporary city, built for a week, where people from all races and cultures unite to enjoy the thrills of life to the fullest. 

Your experience at Burning Man

Each year the organizers come up with a theme to make the event more exciting. In 2008 they have chosen the ‘Robot’ theme. For 2022, they have announced their theme as “Waking Dream”

So well-known is this event that some of the country’s biggest names like Elson Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, have also been spotted at the Burning Man Festival.

Attendees need to follow 10 core principles if they wish to attend the Burning Man festival.

– Radical Inclusion
– Gifting
– Decommodification
– Radical Self-Reliance
– Radical Self-Expression
– Communal Effort
– Civic Responsibility
– Leaving No Trace
– Participation
– Immediacy

The fee for attending Burning Man is $425. Also, a vehicle pass of $80 needs to be purchased upon arrival.

Participants are advised to bring their own shelter, food, water and whatever they need, as you can only purchase coffee and ice at the festival.

It’s worth considering taking a lanyard which may help you a lot, not only to hang your mobile phone but also to hang a water bottle and so on. You can design your own custom lanyards for you crew.

Best views of Burning Man 

The Burning Man takes place in Black Rock Desert, 120 miles north of Reno, Nevada. 

Things to do in Reno

Lake Tahoe is the topmost tourist attraction in Reno, located just about 40 miles south, at the border of Nevada. Despite its lovely mountains and crystal clear waters, the place is best known as a famous skiing destination.

Visit the Nevada Museum of Art, where you will fall in love with the building interior and art collections.

Visit Animal Ark of Reno, a wildlife sanctuary founded in 1981. The place is truly a safe haven for wild animals who are found abandoned and injured.

You can find many local and international food restaurants in Reno. Try Campo’s caramel Budino and you will fall in love with it. It features a creamy and sweet chocolate cookie served with salted caramel and whipped cream.

Where to stay in Reno

The Whitney Peak Hotel is a newly made hotel with a fresh approach to Reno entertainment. It’s located just opposite to Reno Arch. It is the perfect place for Casino lovers as there are a number of casinos located near the Whitney peak hotel.

From live entertainment to top-class bars and all-day buffets, they have everything you need to make your trip memorable.

You can also opt for penthouses, which are pretty reasonable in price and equipped with all the latest facilities. You can also find many Bed and breakfast and motels in Reno which are much cheaper in price.

How to get to Black Rock City

Reno is the closest big city from Black Rock City (where Burning Man takes place). People usually fly into Reno to reach Black Rock City as it is a three-hour drive from there. You can also take jet flight from Reno to Black Rock City Municipal Airport to avoid the traffic and of course, it will save you time.

The organizers have also started the Burner express bus service. The bus picks up burners from San Francisco and from Reno Airport to take them to Black Rock City. It is the most convenient way to reach the festival venue.

Burning Man 2024 Dates

The festival takes place from August 25 to September 2, 2024. 

Photo Credit: Go Pro, Burning MAN francophone, Manuel Pinto, Geoffrey Squier, Memory Waves

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Accommodation near Burning Man 2024

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