7 Best Ski Podcasts to Listen to this Winter

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What Ski Podcasts are out there? 

While the digital world had all its focus on video content, the first snowflakes of podcasting were quietly falling, waiting for their day in the sun. Now there’s a podcast on literally everything. Even skiing has its own community of podcasters sharing their passions to the millions of pairs of ears.

From podcasts about ski gear, to powder skiing, to inside the minds of your favourite athletes. There’s something to plug in during those long drives to the mountains, snowless summer months, or perhaps even on the chairlift.

So let’s take a look at the top winter ski podcasts!

1. Looking Sideways

Hosted by Matt Barr, Looking Sideways Podcast digs into the actions sports world. Whether it’s skiing, snowboarding or anything else adrenaline pumping, there’s something new to learn from inside the minds of action sports figures and icons.

Ed Leigh, Sacha Hamm, Travis Rice, Paddy Graham, whatever your flavour of winter sports, Looking Sideways offers the most distinctive viewpoints in the mountains.

Photo credit: One Tree at a Time

2. Clean Mountain Living

Clean Mountain Living from One Tree at a Time takes a different perspective from your normal ski and snowboard podcast. They step away from the pistes, backcountry, and gear to look at how we can live a more sustainable life in the mountains.

It brings inspiring stories and tips on how to reduce your impact on the world while still getting the maximum out of your lifestyle.

3. Totally Deep Backcountry Skiing

As you may imagine, Totally Deep Backcountry Skiing is for the powder hounds. Doug Stenclik and Randy Young talk backcountry and a little uphill skiing and boarding. Get the latest chat on equipment, latest lingo, dodgy technique, face shot etiquette, fashion and even a touch of science. 

One thing is for sure, these guys know how to earn their turns, they even made a podcast about it!

Photo credit: The Ski Podcast

4. The Ski Podcast

The Ski Podcast brings a refreshing change of pace to your playlist as the UK based skiing and snowboarding podcasts tours the slopes of Europe, from Manchester to Chamonix, to talk everything skiing.

Find awesome holiday and travel tips, interviews with the famous winter sports names, and a healthy portion of cheesy fondue chat.

5. The Powell Movement

Serial snow podcaster Mike Powell hosts perhaps the most in-depth podcast in the world of snow. The Powell Movement is for sports enthusiasts out there that love pushing things further, beyond what you thought possible. The most successful actions sports professionals join Mike to talk about what it takes to succeed in every angle of the industry.

It’s more than just skiing and snowboarding, take a fascinating journey on how the action sports world goes from a fun pastime to a thriving industry of business, entrepreneurship and professionalism.

Photo credit: Low Pressure Podcast. Photo by Adam Gearing

6. Low Pressure Podcast

Low Pressure is another pod that seeks out the best of the best in the snow sports industry. Listen in to the latest chat from many of the industry icons, Tanner Hall, Jossi Wells, Tim Durtschi to name drop a few. The twist with this one is that many episodes come directly from the heart of the biggest international ski events.

You’ll find out what it’s like to star in your first ski movie and understand how you approach an unthinkable Freeride World Tour line.

7. MtnMeister Podcast

MtnMeister goes one step further than skiing and into high altitude mountaineering. You won’t believe the stories as you journey through blizzards and scrabble along perelous terrain all while carrying your own weight in supplies. 

Ben Schenck delivers captivating insight into stepping out of your comfort zone, weighing up risk and reward, and the make or break effects of decision making. It sends shivers down your spine just thinking about it!

These 7 best winter ski podcasts should keep your head filled with snowy mountain tops for a good while. There are hundreds of hours of listening and insight from industry leaders. Including tips on how to get the most out of your mountain life, and stories of adventure and adrenaline.

Feature image credit:  Johnny Collinson for the Low Pressure Podcast 
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Eliot Prince

Eliot can’t bare being anywhere else but on the snow when the lifts start whirring every winter, in fact summer is a scary prospect. First taught to ski by a Swiss farmer, he has gone on to work ski seasons in Europe and New Zealand. Despite living in constant winter for a while, making beds, pouring pints and fitting ski boots still meant missing powder days. Now combining industry expertise and journalism training he produces content for ski companies all over the world; never missing the opportunity for fresh tracks. You will always find him in a mountainous area come winter.


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