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Espree Devora, podcaster, founder, speaking, journalist
Espree Devora, Podcaster, Journalist, Speaker and Founder of WeAreLATech on Community Building and Risk Taking Espree Devora started her entrepreneurial journey out of college building ZexSports, a digital media company focused on connecting brands with the emerging youth market through action sports. Espree went on to create WeareLATech.com, a platform…
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Todd Richards snowboarding legend, podcaster and commentator
Todd Richards, Pro Snowboarder, Action Sports Commentator, Podcaster and Entrepreneur Todd Richards grew up in Paxton, Massachusetts and got into skateboarding and punk rock. Skating was one of the first things Todd was passionate about and he could see progression happening and that was the backbone for everything. Snowboarding came…
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Shelby Stanger Wild Ideas Worth Living Podcast and podcast creator
Shelby Stanger is the Founder of REI's Wild Ideas Worth Living and Vitamin Joy Podcast  Shelby Stanger grew up in San Diego and got into surfing at a young age.  Her career path starting as a journalist having one of the coolest first jobs out of college ever as a…
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Davi Birks HKT Podcast
Davi Birks is a Mountain Bike Distribution Company Owner, Podcast Creator and Host of The HKT Podcast Growing up in the UK, Davi ended up riding motocross as a kid and had always been surrounded by two-wheels. He started his first business a Campervan company at 22 with his cousin.…
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