5 Mind Blowing Facts About Finland

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The Happiest Country In The World

If you’re looking for your next holiday destination, look no further; because Finland might just have exactly what you’re looking for! The two-time winner of the ‘happiest country in the world’ has a lot to offer; from stunning natural landscapes to crazy world championships, delicious local delicacies and more. The Nordic country combines the perfect combination of rich traditional cultures with modern flare and has something for everyone. Boasting some of the best living conditions and education systems in the world; as well as some of the craziest activities and attractions, Finland is the place to be! Here are five mind-blowing facts about Finland. 

1. The national sport is mobile phone throwing

Originating in 2000 in Finland, the sport of mobile phone throwing has grown to become an international sport. Each year, locals and even visitors travel to the town of Savonlinna to compete in the Mobile Phone Throwing Championships. The phones used in the competition are donated and are recycled afterwards. There is an official panel of judges who watch over the event and approve the results and the current world record is held by a German participant with a throw of over 136 meters. 

Photo credit: reacho.in

2. There’s a Burger King with a sauna in it!

The Finnish are incredibly proud of their invention of the sauna and you can find saunas in just about any building in the country! The capital city of Helsinki even went as far as to opening a sauna inside a burger king! It is the world’s only fast food sauna and the employees will even bring your food to you inside! 

Photo credit: Restel

3. You can rent a Finn

Taking out the title of the happiest country in the world for the second year in a row, Finland claims that the source of happiness is in their nature. If you’re looking for a travel buddy or local tour guide, look no further! Finland has created a tourism program called ‘Rent A Finn’; where you can literally rent a Finnish local to be your official happiness guide! 

Photo credit: I wish I was in Finland

4. They hold the world record for world championships 

From the Wife Carrying Championships to the Air Guitar World Championship and of course the Mobile Phone Throwing Championships, Finland takes the title of hosting the most world championships in the world! The Nordic country is known for channelling their crazy competitive side into the weirdest and whackiest sports and activities.

Photo credit: WildMan Triathalon Festival

5. Slot machines are regulated and non-profit

The main platform of gambling in Finland is slot machines and you can find them just about anywhere! Based out of the city of Espoo, Finland established the Slot Machine Association. The non-profit company regulates gambling and offers a wide variety of money generating games. The money made from the slot machines is donated to various charities throughout Finland, as well as towards pensioner care. 

Photo credit: Veikkaus

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