What You Need To Know About the FISE World Series

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High Flyin’ Action, Intense Competition, Endless Entertainment at FISE World Series

Without question the International Festival of Extreme Sports (FISE) is the undisputed multi-disciplinary action sports event in the world. And it’s probably one of our favorite all-around festivals at Rad. Here’s why –

For one, the epic event is completely free of admission which is probably one of the most rare things about it. Because of this, massive crowds gather around the event leaving everyone in the audience completely immersed in an electric atmosphere. Bicycles, skateboards and wakeboards will start flying as these incredible athletes look to make history with tricks never before seen by human eyes.

This high flyin’ action event was created in 1997 and never looked back. Originally, it was a French-based competition but has since gone international as the World Series now takes between four and five stops around the world. Sports covered include, BMX Freestyle and Flatland, Mountain Bike Slopestyle, Roller Freestyle, Skateboard, Wakeboard and Parkour. The FISE competitions have gained extreme notoritarity and significance over the past several years as the Tokyo 2020 Olympics will feature a medal event in BMX Park.

FISE World Montpellier

The FISE Montpellier event is considered the series main event and for good reason. Over 600,000 people are expected to attend from May 28 to June 2, 2019 in one of the most anticipated events in action sports history. The action lineup during this epic festival will be hard to beat, and the nightlife caps off a trip that simply can’t be passed up. This year, the series will continue on to Hiroshima, Japan and Chengdu, China to finish off an incredible world tour. At every stage in each city, competitors who earn the most points in their discipline are crowned champions.

FISE World Past Winners

Hanna Roberts – USA
Three-peat champion

Marin Rantes – Croatia
First ever win taking home the top prize in Chengdu, China

Misaki Katigar – Japan
Completely dominated the BMX Flat in her home country

Matthias Dandois – France
Back-to-back champion

Manon Derrien – France

Joe Atkinson

Richard Tury

Rad Travel Tips

As any action sports fan could agree, attending all three locations in France, China and Japan would be the dream. But you if you had to pick one, the decision could be tough. The first stop of the season took place from April 19 – 21, 2019 in Hiroshima.The passion and energy of the fanbase last year was absolutely infectious in this location and there will be no reason why it won’t be just as good next year. Recently, the country of Japan has boomed in action sports as plenty of homegrown talent will look to take home the trophy. From October 31 – November 3, 2019 FISE will take place in the innovative district of Jinrong, Pidu. It’s about 30 km west from the Chengdu city centre yet still provides plenty of things to do for the young crowd anticipated to attend.

The FISE events go back to their roots at the end of May and into early June. The French venue in Montpellier is absolutely legendary and takes place where it all started. Public seating is virtually unlimited and the Montpellier’s River Lez provides amazing water views during this summertime event. To take it one step further, Montpellier has a notoriously outstanding nightlife which truly puts this particular event as the go-to festival of the year.

Rad Season will be heading to Montpellier as part of their European Tour. Stay tuned for all the action from France on Rad. 


Photo credits: FISE

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