Virtual Experiences in Lockdown

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4 Rad Virtual Experiences During Quarantine

Hello! Quick check-in on the Rad Community. How are you holding up? We hope everyone is staying safe and, let’s face it, sane during this quarantine period. The days and weeks begin to tally up. We’re noticing the multiple creative initiatives and virtual experiences people have launched to have fun and stay connected while practicing social distancing. Not going to lie, we’re quite impressed. 

It’s quite inspiring to see that despite social distancing there has probably never been a bigger sense of unity and community than what we’re experiencing now. This is why, apart from making sure you guys are all ok, we want to share some cool virtual experiences with you to help bring the Rad Community together online.

So, if binging Netflix just isn’t enough for you anymore, here are some cool digital activities you can do to make your day just a little bit more Rad:

1. Rave Out In Your Living Room

Festival Season may be postponed until September, but that doesn’t mean the party can’t go on. In fact, it’s probably the first time in history where so many people are raving in their living rooms, kitchen, bedroom, balcony or bathroom (we won’t judge) and probably in their underwear too (still not judging). 

So many music creatives have brought their art online and we wanted to highlight some of those people who we think are doing an awesome job. Over the past couple of weeks there has been a massive rise of Digital Music Festival Streaming Platforms, with Live From Out There & Stage It being the two main ones we’ve noticed have been killing it lately. 

However, if your subscription budget has already been maxed out by Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime and etc, you can still enjoy some sick sets for free thanks to Youtube and social media like Facebook live!

We recommend diving into Music Sessions of Exit Festival or enjoy Cali Roots Couch Sessions live from your couch, bed or toilet (again, we really won’t judge). 

2. Explore Nature from the Comfort of Your Home

If you’re experiencing some withdrawal from the outside world we may have a solution for you. This could be your chance to virtually visit some of the most beautiful National Parks out there thanks to Google Earth

The digital platform brought to you by Google has highlighted key natural destinations for you to enjoy. Who knows, maybe this will inspire your next vacation.

3. Visit some Museums

Some of the world’s most famous museums like the British Museum and other national museums are closed to the public but have opened their virtual doors so that everyone can enjoy their collection. 

Have you ever wanted to set foot in an art museum like The Louvre? Walk through the halls of the Tate Modern? Perhaps you’ve had your heart set on visiting the Van Gogh Museum?

Well, now is your chance since these are just a few of the many museums that offer virtual tours of their galleries. Perhaps we can suggest this as an option for a digital date with your quarantine buddy?

4. Dive into the Deep

As the warm weather begins to settle in, some of you may be browsing through your old vacation pictures and feeling a bit nostalgic of the ocean. Have no fear, we’ve got you covered!

The digital experiences have now gone below sea level with some incredibly beautiful underwater dives

Even better news, these experiences aren’t only limited to open water, you can also educate yourself with some virtual tours of aquariums.

These are just some of the many Rad experiences out there to explore and enjoy these days we have to stay inside. 

Are you hosting any cool digital event or virtual experience? Let us know, we’d love to support you as members of the Rad Community and add you to our Virtual Events series. 

Stay Safe!

Photo/Video Credit: Google Earth, Tate, Van Gogh Museum, California Roots, Exit Festival, NOAA Office of National Marine Sanctuaries, New England Aquarium, Musée du Louvre
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Alexandra Kahr

Alexandra Kahr was born in London and raised around the World after having lived in places like Chile, Spain, Usa and Canada; Alexandra is the Head of Communications at Stay22 and the latest content writer at Rad Season. With more than four years of Marketing & Content Writing experience, Alexandra is offering her insights and love for music, sports and culture in the form of contributing articles for you to enjoy!


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