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training for hiking from home
Get fit for the trails with these at-home training routines The summer adventure season is quickly approaching! If you haven’t already, it’s time to start getting into shape for all those amazing trails you’ll be tackling. Proper trail fitness can help you avoid injuries while making your hike more enjoyable.…
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Camelbak Interview at ISPO in Munich, Germany
Behind the scenes in CamelBak's past and future I caught up with Steven Nadler, VP of Product and Marketing, Colby Pastore, Field Marketing & Global Event Manager and Sebastian Ohrmann, International Marketing Manager of CamelBak at the world's largest sports trade show ISPO in Munich, Germany. We talked about how…
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Mountain Bike Accessories You Can't Live Without
So what mountain bike accessories do you need to have? Mountain biking definitely requires a steep initial investment - after all, some high-end bikes can cost more than a nice car, but once you’re dialed in, riding is free! That being said, there are a couple of mountain bike accessories…
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