Rad Season Bucket List – 3. Complete an adventure race

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Run An Adventure Race

If you’re on this website, you’re already intrigued by the possibility of going away somewhere and doing something rad (sorry for the use of ‘rad’. I know it’s the name of the company but it was too irresistible to use just then!). You’re also either proficient enough to go away and enjoy an action sports type holiday, or you’re bold enough to try it for the first time. Being either of those things puts you in good stead for this series.

Introducing, the Rad Season Bucket List – a fortnightly series that gives you an incredible thing you should go and do or have done already. We’re not going to write things like, ‘hey, you should go surfing’ because that’s a no-brainer. We’re going to give you more credit than that. Here’s number three in our series…

3. Complete an adventure race

If you’ve been anywhere near the real world within the last 5 years, no matter where you live, you’ll be acutely aware that there are hundreds of events for the average Joe to test themselves and their body to the limit. These events are called adventure races or, for the more professional of you, endurance races. Although, that said, endurance races are really for the more professional as you don’t complete them with a smile, and a beer.

These events are growing in popularity as the curse of the gym takes hold, and people enjoy testing their bodies and rolling in mud. You should definitely get involved.

One of the original events, in the UK anyway, has to be Tough Mudder. This is a 10-12 mile mud and obstacle course that will test every part of your mind, body and soul. It’s to do this in a team as some obstacles require help. You can do it alone and trust in strangers to help you – and they will. Be prepared to get your body pushed to the limit though, these obstacles are designed to do just that! Not to forget that in the UK ones, you get electrocuted at the end! Fun…

Tough Mudder Pennsylvania at Pocono Manor. Photo: Flickr The 621st Contingency Response Wing 

A similar adventure event is Spartan Race. Originating in America, with similar style obstacles like Tough Mudder, it has already made its way to the little island of Great Britain. The difference? Well, it’s Americanised! I would assume it involves more shouting, more muscles and a choice of events. In fact, that’s what they offer!

You can compete in a 3 mile event, an 8 mile event or a 12 mile event. If you’re feeling really stupid there are some other events titled Ultra Beast, Hurricane Heat, Hurricane Heat 12 hour, so on and so forth. Delightfully American, delightfully body breaking.

A more recent adventure race is the Savage Race. Following a similar format to the Tough Mudder or Spartan Race, the Savage Race introduces a variety of punishing obstacles. The Savage Race is only an American event currently, occurring in Dallas, Houston, Maryland, Chicago, and Georgia.

For those of you that find these adventure races a bit tame, then maybe you should try your hand at the Jungle Marathon. It’s an endurance race through the Amazon jungle in Brazil. We won’t bore you with the normal marathon length or the 127km length races they do. No, no! Why not just go all in and put your body through the 254km race?

You’ll be racing through swamps, attempting river crossings, trying steep climbs and descents, village trails, and that’s all with the adage of hot temperatures and a level of humidity that will make your lungs burn. Interested?

As fans of the action sports and every weird bastard child, these events are certainly something that belong on your bucket list. People may turn their nose up at you now because they find it ridiculous or someone has already done it. But as soon as you complete an adventure race, you’ll feel an insane sense of pride. So get out there, get competing, and if you do the Jungle Marathon, good luck!

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Kel Verbiest

Kel is a content manager and sports writer based on the south coast of England. When he's not typing away, you can find him in several super people watching spots.


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