Exploring Southern Bali: Bukit Peninsula

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When you think of Bali, you likely imagine white sanded beaches, a clear turquoise coast and an endless summer and that’s exactly what you get when exploring the Bukit Peninsula. The best part? No Instagram filter required!

With an abundance of beaches, killer surf spots, Balinese food delicacies and luxury at a price you can actually afford; there’s no better slice of paradise than the south of Bali, Indonesia.

What to Do on the Bukit Peninsula

Drive Along The Coast

On your first coastal drive, start your tour at dreamland viewpoint and head south making the most of Bali’s unspoiled beaches.

Hop on a scooter for 50k ($5/day) and spend a few days of sunshine explore the striking coastline.

Although there are heaps of beaches to choose from, the top spots are Dreamland Beach, Bingin Beach, Padang-Padang Beach, Uluwatu Beach, Green Bowl Beach, Pandawa Beach, Nyang-Nyang Beach, Melasti Beach and Gunung Payung Beach.

Surfers Paradise

If you came to Bali to surf, the Bukit Peninsula offers a wide range of world-class surfing. The top spots to check out include Uluwatu Beach, Suluban, Impossibles Beach, Balangan and Padang-Padang beach.

Hidden Caves at Suluban Beach

Exploring the hidden caves at Suluban Beach are worth all the steps down.

Whether you come during the day or at sunset, Suluban cave is the perfect spot to visit before heading to Uluwatu Temple looking something straight out of a movie.

High Cliffs at Melasti Beach

By far one of our favourite spots we cant seem to get enough of is the drive through the high cliffs at Melasti Beach!

One of our favorite spots in Bukit is this relatively unknown beach of Melasti. The drive down alone is spectacular bringing you through high cliffs overlooking the misty ocean with hardly any tourists.

Cultural Sightseeing: Uluwatu Temple

Don’t miss out on the hidden views at Uluwatu Temple.

Wander past the curious monkeys trying to snag your sunglasses and through the compound displaying breathtaking views all around. For the finest view, as you make your way though, there is a brick wall where a woman is selling souvenirs. Hop over the wall and you will have a viewpoint all to yourself away from the crowds of tourists.

Traditional Kecak and Fire Dance Show

At Uluwatu temple, don’t miss out on the unique traditional dance and fire show at sunset in their open amphitheater. The Kecak dance is a traditional Balinese dance from the 1930s where the men chant moving their hands and arms in synchronicity said to induce a trance-like state among them. Make this a priority because you wont experience anything like this outside of Bali.

Where to Eat on the Bukit Peninsula

Best Local Eats: Warung Solo Via

For less than $1, you can fill your plate with freshly made Balinese food at Solo Via and we bet you wont go there just once.

You can’t go to Bali and not indulge in their local cuisine full of flavor. Be sure to head to the best local restaurant in Jimbaran called Warung Solo Via where you can fill up your plate with a buffet style of fresh food to choose from for less than $1. (Both meat and vegetarian options available)

Vegetarian Hidden Gem: Saffron Restaurant

Your tastebuds will sore at Saffron and will easily become one of the top spots to eat while visiting the south.

This gourmet vegetarian restaurant is a hidden gem that wont be secret for long and worthy of a Michelin star. If you’re looking for a cozy atmosphere on a hillside overlooking the ocean where your meal is a display of art with the taste and generous size to match, you will find yourself always coming back to Saffron to eat your way through their menu. Be sure to try their red sangria, avocado and tomato bruschetta and jackfruit stroganoff.

Seafood Heaven: Jimbaran Market

When your belly rumbles, wander through Jimbaran Market, pick your selection of freshly caught seafood and bring it to one of the little stalls or restaurants that will cook it right on the spot for you including rice and sauces.

Nightlife on the Bukit

Immaculate Sunset & Surf Spot: Single Fin

Grab an ice cold Bintang and watch the surfers as the sun sets over our favourite cliff-top bar.

Head to Single Fin for the spectacular view. Be sure to arrive before sunset in order to get a seat. Sip on your choice of well-made cocktails or the local Bintang beer as the sun transforms into a gradation of color as you watch the surfers below.

Live Music: The Cashew Tree

At The Cashew Tree in Bingin on the Bukit you can enjoy live music in a cozy environment that is both a café and bar serving up vodka slushies, frozen margaritas, spirits, beer and wine.

Sunset on Cliffs: Rock Bar @ Ayana Resort and Spa

Another killer sunset spot is The Rock Bar where you can have a Birdseye view overlooking the ocean with a drink in hand while listening to world-class DJ’s.

Where to Stay on the Bukit Peninsula

Jimbaran is the perfect location to stay in order to explore the coastline of Bali. There’s plenty of accommodation for all budget types found on Rad Travel.

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Photo by Shannon Wolf

Accommodation near Bukit Peninsula

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